Travel TipsWorld Series 2012: The MLB Hotel Rundown

World Series 2012: The MLB Hotel Rundown

Game one of several 2012 World Series games goes down early in San Francisco as the Giants take on the Detroit Tigers (international?) dominance. Though we here at Oyster are all still sad about the Yanks not creating the trim (We bear responsibility for the refs, A-Rods, and legs — within the request), It won’t end us and we’re dialing in series with high hopes for that first-class sport. And we’re both expecting to have the thin on the first-class lodging Verlander & Co. Will be seeking out the upstairs as well as the resorts big enough to fit a rundown full of Giants in Detroit. Sure we dredged through the sport documents and found the MLB’s preferred resorts while attending these finals towns. These resorts, not unexpectedly, all kinds of ballplayer-approved facilities, include state-of-the-art fitness centers and luxe rooms perfect for getting a good night’s sleep. The Giants and The Tigers obviously won’t be able to blame any uninspiring concerts on where they racket shack up.

The Team: The Detroit Tigers

The Hotel XL: Westin St. Frank

Though both groups are all terribly concerned about where they’ll stay (they want to sleep), chances are the Tigers will also have bedsheets on the big lady’s bed in San Francisco, The Westin St. Frank. Nearly all MLB groups prefer to stay at Westin once experiencing off against the Giants due to its decent location and gaggle of facilities. The above turn of The century hotel features renovated beds, wonderful panoramic views of the town, and a renowned cafe from Michael Mina. All will go well for the Tigers, they might end up in the Clock Bar for a post-game bread (but if things go wrong, they might only end up anyway suffocate their sadness alternately). But presumably, you can consider playing the Tigers at the 24-hour fitness center, which features two articles of Life Fitness exercise equipment, strength training equipment, weights, and also a Nintendo Wii Fitness process for those people playing to add some entertainment into their exercise too though.

The Team: The San Francisco Giants

The Hotel: The Townsend

Sadly, Oyster is still waiting to make its way to Motor City (Stay tuned!), but we’ve heard good things about Townsend, amongst the most famous resorts for the MLB once taking on Detroit. Situated a half hour away from the venue in upscale Birmingham, Michigan, The Townsend evokes old-world beauty and a proper atmosphere — The Giants are sure to be privileged by their employees, well-versed in foodservice to centerfielders and entertainers. The Rugby Grill is a delicious place to decompress after a long game, but the hotel is also within easy walking distance of many great restaurants and art galleries (should the player want to incorporate a little heritage into their plan). The beds, featuring classic design, dark splashing baths, and 300-thread Egyptian linen might function as inviting hideaways for the team, The fitness center has been equipped with state-of-the-art Precor machines and Cybex weight machines.


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