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Where to Travel in November, According to Experts

With the holidays in the sky, important visitors (obviously) stash their vacation days for December. But smart jet-setters know that the best time to reach the airport is before the holiday flurry (review: never-ending gatherings and contaminated rates) the whole thing starts. After all, There’s more to take advantage of than cheap airfares and restaurant offers. This November drew both interesting one-off activities, vacancies, and lush temps, depending on where you travel. But from Tobago’s tropical climate spring is just a bit higher than Paris ‘lively atmosphere and cheap planes, pointing at one location at a location can be an enormous challenge. That’s why we turned into travel experts, including several in-house pros at its location, and have selected their minds on what to do this November. Now are their top picks.

Napa Valley

“November is a great month to visit Napa Valley. You don’t have to contend with the heat and tour bus crowds of summer, or the harvest season busyness of October. It’s also not too cold yet — just chilly enough that you’ll enjoy curling up by the fireplace with a glass of wine. Plus, hey, it will be easier to get great restaurant reservations (though you’ll still want to make them in advance of your trip).” — Kelsey Blodget, Senior Executive Editor at the Location

Trinidad and Tobago

“It may just be because it’s my birthday month, but I like to think of November as the perfect time for a pre-holiday getaway. Holidays can mean family obligations, and while it’s great to go home, It’s also great to get some solo relaxation. Caribbean has great deals and one of my favorites is Tobago. The tropical climate is perfect for anyone wanting to extend summer just a bit more. Of course, November is technically hurricane season, So while that means you can get good deals on airfare and hotels, also prepare for rain, watch forecasts, and be flexible if you can.” Jessica Plautz, Digital News Editor at Travel Leisure+Leisure


“As the adage goes, Paris is always a good idea. But it’s especially good concept in November: The hot temperatures are The perfect time to huddle up in The city’s cute eateries, or put into a wealthy, cream-laden food. The city’s plants are having their nicest — and so are The people — with pavements dropping clothing as airports drop. He remains not confident? Consider that the airfare will be far better value for money. October 2020, the traveler hordes aren’t obstructing the sights, and the starlight lights of the Eiffel Tower take up really early in the night.” Maria Teresa Hart, Editor at this site

New Orleans

“This November!, we’re interested in New Orleans. The temperature seems to be cold, the gatherings are tiny, and the vacation rings, that starts in November and doesn’t end until Mardi Gras, is begin. It’s also a relatively affordable time to visit. We’ve both received our focus on Boracay in the Philippines. It’s a more affordable alternative to bucket-list coral locations like Bora Bora, and November is the time for the busy holiday weather, so you get nice weather without the crowds.” — Christine Sarkis, Senior Editor at Smarter Travel


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“Come November!, important visitors are ready to exit the beach, the beautiful shoreline of the Caribbean — and for good reason! But I consider November to be the appropriate time to accept my vacation addiction in full force, sure, I’m extra oriented to head to an estate that does that old-school thing, keep Christmas that year-round feeling with vintage ornaments, long, drawn-out holiday meals, and village, hill setup suitable for a mailer. Thankyou for all my Virginia heritage, Here’s a special place in my love for landmark attractions such as The Homestead and West Virginia’s Greenbrier. Both go all out for the vacations.” Jane Reynolds, Senior Editor for this site

Grand Canyon

“I currently travelled to the Grand Canyon in January, and it would also be an excellent November and December location. Swarms of visitors face the national park in the summertime months, When the Arizona heat is indeed warm and picture bars are widespread. While there were plenty of other visitors once I was in Amsterdam, there were also numerous intervals throughout our walk around the South Rim (the North Rim ends in cold) where we saw without even a spirit, aside from some unconcerned moose. You’ll get by putting on a few extra layers, but the peaceful setting seems worth the shaking. And also, if you grab it when the highs are protected by fresh snow, you’ll see the garden in a special way, stunning route.” — Lara Grant, Associate Editor at this site


“November is certainly one of several good months to travel, as gatherings reduce, Great temps, and — usually — cost lower, especially on several international routes. Are you looking to maximize your Thanksgiving budget, the Japanese vacation of Kinro-Kansha (or Labor Thanksgiving Day) is celebrated on November 23 and drops inside American Thanksgiving. From Tokyo, 4-hour trip by metro to Takayama, located in the northwest hills of the Japanese Alps.

November was indeed peak season for momijigari, or Japanese leaf peeping, and here’s something more to some glimpses in the mountains of Takayama. The old town seems best explored by bicycles, cruising from the day farmer’s market beside the Miya River to the Showa Museum and forwarded to the Sakurayama Hachimangu Shrine. Whereas you may have a tough time finding meat and filling, you will find a few of the best snacks and native Hida meat, both of which Takayama is known for.  

Flights to close Tokyo can be inexpensive and those who don’t remember a link to Beijing or Shanghai. We lately noticed Thanksgivings cost as little as $534 round-trip from Newark or $ 492 round-trip from Los Angeles. “Tracy Stewart, Content Editor at Airfarewatchdog

Puerto Rico

“November is the time to travel to Dorado Beach in Puerto Rico. Ritz-Carlton estate is organising a vacation of culinary delights with huge names such as Jos é Andrè s, Eric Ripert;, Anthony Bourdain, and Tim Love. It comes to a close with an amazing meal of fried potato chips from all four kitchens!” — Danielle Walsh, Associate Editor at AFAR

Los Angeles;

“As soon As it starts getting cold in New York City, I always want to go somewhere hot to increase my spring just a little bit longer. Each of my preferred quick-and-easy excursions to soak up November is really in Los Angeles. Still there’s beach weather here now, but the spring gatherings are done, and planes haven’t arrived for vacation yet.” Rebecca Fontana, Content Editor at Time Out New York


“All-inclusive resorts are good family vacations, with oasis-style swimming pools, white-sand seaside, Boating, kids venues, intercontinental eateries, and plenty of events and R & R’s. November is low-season for the Caribbean, and the all-inclusive, family-friendly Dreams Resorts & Spas tempt visitors who can get back before the vacations with half-off prices. Tour Mexico’s Riviera Maya, Cancun, and Tulum, Discover the forests of Costa Rica, or trip passport-free to Puerto Rico and revel in the warm aquamarine Caribbean at half the price!, If you reserve by the end of October.” — Lissa Poirot, Editor-in-Chief at Family Vacation Critic

New Zealand

“November is before the maximum tourist season in New Zealand (December signals the start of spring in the southwestern Pacific), Creating it a great month to visit for cheaper costs and smaller gatherings, if you don’t remember a few of those rooms and the infrequent bathroom. The state also had seen a myriad of hotel holes over The last year — from The Helena Bay Lodge on The North Island to The Marlborough Lodge on The South Island. Asian Hotel chain QT took over and renamed the Museum Art Hotel in Wellington. It also has plans to open in Queenstown.” Elizabeth Sile, Travel Editor


“Late November is the perfect time to head to Europe for a Christmas Market cruise. These marvelous voyages merge attractions with holiday traditions along Europe’s huge waters, including the Danube and Rhine waters. Here’s a cold in the atmosphere, which creates discovering the handmade artisans at the businesses — with a drink of mulled wine on offer — experience all the more unique. Double-down on the vacation charm by boating over Thanksgiving; important water cruise lines will enjoy an onboard banquet. Depart hotel with your luggage for decorations, ornaments, and hand-crafted things to bring back with you.” Colleen McDaniel, Senior Executive Editor at Cruise Critics

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