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Where to Stay For Your College Homecoming?

For many people across the state, drop means two things: return to school, the football season. And for many colleges, you can do most of these things in one go – drop is the time to visit the ol ‘alma mater for Homecoming and stream your college team over to their website (I hope you get it!) beat his biggest rival. Nothing resembles dropping, like overtaking and face paint. To help you plan your tour, we have great hotels close to a number of universities across the country; it’s hard to be extensive with the many excellent Homecoming celebrations out there, but this should help bring some of you closest to Homecoming splendor.

Stanford University, Palo Alto

An area to observe the Cardinals enjoy? The Garden Court Hotel is a superstar boutique in Downtown Palo Alto, located on a charming tree-lined road just off University Avenue and a short drive from Stanford’s University. The hotel’s lovely beds are The feature; they have a beautiful white-and-blue design, upmarket facilities, stone washroom, but in many, terrace overlooking the charming garden.

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

The Quakers were again selected as early season favorites to beat The Ivy League designation on The year – and it’s neither shock nor a shock, contemplating they’ve won four of the past several champs absolute. The Inn at Penn, Hilton Hotel is A popular option for colleges, given its strong connections to the university: It’s not just a Penn university, but the on-site University Club is exclusive to guests after the buffet for hotel guests confirms. Wealthy wood paneling in the place and the catalog bring a traditional, Ivy League experience at the inn.

University of San Diego

The 462-room Paradise Point Resort and Spa has a spacious pool and Spa, 44-acre acre parcel on a private island, events abound (sport, putting green, boating, sports), four baths, a mile-long seaside, and campfire places. It’s also a simple 10-minute car ride from Torero Stadium, It is an ideal choice for guests looking to combine sports with a resort-style trip.

Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH

Six South St. The Hotel is a contemporary Hotel in Hanover; its prime location within walking distance of all portions of Dartmouth University make it a popular option for the family and colleges attending the college. Dartmouth Homecoming has been famous with colleges not just for its football match, a 40-foot-tall campfire on the University Green and the Homecoming march.

University of California, Los Angeles

Westwood’s “W Los Angeles Westwood claims both tone and content: excellent service, facilities are plentiful, a leg bar, and large beds. And best of all for Bruins enthusiasts, it’s just a couple of buildings from UCLA.

University of Texas, Austin

The Hotel Ella was renewed in September after remodeling – just in time for football season. This beautiful boutique is found in The landmark Goodall Wooten villa, Featuring a wide balcony viewing a green swath of garden. It’s a short car (or 20-minute move) to the Darrell K. Royal Texas Memorial Stadium.

University of Washington, Seattle _ 1

If you have to stay near the University of Washington — but want to eliminate brands — Hotel Deca is a decent choice. It lives up to its name as an entertainment boutique with a posh vibe, brave d é thu.

University of Miami

One of the closest resorts to the University of Miami, the residence of the Hurricanes, It only happened to become one of the most fanciful luxury properties in the city. The Biltmore Coral Gables was built in 1926 (just a year after the University of Miami was created), and draws timeless elegance to a hotel situation overloaded with skin-deep glam.

Columbia University, New York City

Marrakech Hotel, a 127-room walk-up hotel (neither lift nor lower!), is a slightly crowded and dull around the sides, but a lovely Moroccan-style place and a cocktail lounge from the adjacent Sookk Thai cafe make it a decent choice if you want to be close to Central Park and Columbia University, where the Lions enjoy.


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