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Where to eat for Passover in San Francisco

San Francisco eateries are gearing up to celebrate one of several sanctified Jewish holidays — the New Year, Passover, which starts at lunchtime on March 29 and lasts for seven days.

Mission Beach Cafe in San Francisco, a short drive from the Holiday Inn Civic Center, is pairing with a cool Heeb mag for its annual Slow Food Seder on April 5. Four-course dinner ($ 55) It will be a mix of Old and New World meals all created with temporary ingredients, neighborhood, and organic products. Rest down to such cosy tickets as smoked dark fish with cereal kugels and cilantro soy sauce, and roasted duck with Israeli couscous, The Jerusalem case, fruit fires, and red prevents.

At Epic Roasthouse in San Francisco, just a short walk from Vitale Hotel, Chef Jan Birnbaum is developing a non-kosher product, five-course course, prix et à la carte dinner ($ 95 for champagne lineups; $ 45 for teens 10 and younger). The dinner will include style explanations of children’s favorite Passover foods that The chef’s family has been carrying since The chef’s home in The park, sister!, and Grandma created. The Feast Night, start at 6 pm. M. On March 30, we’ll start with a few hors d ‘oeuvres, then a classic Seder customer with four ritual benefits, sipping of a drink “the four cups” and the lamps of the lamps. Meals involve honey-red champagne grilled fruit dish with flavoured walnuts, Laura Chenel fetal, and compote strawberries, and confit meat “Aunt Ruth’s paprika potatoes” mushrooms, anise wasabi dish.

Sweet Jo’s Cafe at the San Francisco Jewish Community Center, a short jump from the Best Western Tomo, provide an extensive selection of Passover meals to-go, a classic grill for the Seder ($ 12.50) and the “aerial”) “Instant Seder Dinner” of our confit Kobe brisket, Potato, vegetables with basil, and vegetables with walnuts ($ 9.50 per person). Dessert is all in the restaurant!, very, with the appreciation of lime cheese infused with porridge food pastry ($ 54 for a whole, $12.50 for a fortnight), and a raspberry-chocolate flourless bread ($ 36).

– Carolyn Jung of FoodGal


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