Hot PlacesWhere to buy at the Westfield Shopping Centre: San Francisco Plaza restaurant...

Where to buy at the Westfield Shopping Centre: San Francisco Plaza restaurant at its best!

A mall food trial doesn’t generally inspire great gourmet eating. Clean those dreams of dirty Chinese meals!, bread material, and the dessert is not good for you. If you are shopping at Westfield San Francisco Centre – (865 Market Street), near Union Square Nikko or Kensigton Park Hotel, try out some local fast food that’s kid-friendly and foodies-y.

Out the Door: This Vietnamese café is delivered to you by legendary chef Charles Phan of the Slanted Door. Rest flat or get take-out — including beverages — and revel in rattling meat or eggs teow with garlic and cilantro.

San Francisco Soup Company: Started by a San Francisco daughter (and yet still family-owned), This soup shop makes its beverages from cut. Plus, we have a limited collection of free movies in all!, The company composts and uses biodegradable and recyclable packaging, so you can feed guilt-free.

Beard Papa: For sweets, start these kinds of popular lotion sips. The Japanese-designed pastries are overflowing with lush candy or perfume custard cream — all in The convenience of your location.

–Debbie Abrams Kaplan of Frisco Kids and Kaplan Ink

[Photo politeness on Flickr: Christopher Chan]


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