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Vacation Like a U. S. S. Olympian

It seemed like they only do metros, metro, and the metro some more, but the Olympians have to rest at some point. And when they do, they often hit the most friendly resorts in the world. We here at Oyster have discovered where most of our favourites lie (but one of our not-so-favorite) Olympians past and present have renewed their eyes on the street. In glory of the games ‘opening ceremony, The evening started at 7 pm: 30 p. M. M. EDT on NBC (review your detailed location), need motivated by pictures of the amazing resorts where Olympians have napped, thank you, or even have gone a few uppercuts!

The Olympian: Michael Phelps

Hotel: Palms Casino Resort Las Vegas

Phelps may have it together under supervision in the wet, but as the very important “bad boy” Olympian (one cause we can’t bear in fondness him), the backstroker is already understand and let soft. He rated his record-breaking eighth gold medal in Beijing, Phelps directed him to Sin City to get some food, the fact that many were taught they were still working well, it’s more commonly referred to as the way in which God gave us a greater meaning of “God”, wicked wicked. Phelps met with roommates at the Palms Casino and seemed pretty handsy with many of the dances, Very. Not so here we are judging, obviously.

The Olympian: Apolo Ohno

The Hotel: Château Marmont Los Angeles

Apolo Ohno has a lot in common with Phelps and although he’s a triathlete, he’s in the bullpen for the Hawks, a Backstroker (but that they compete in many Olympics). But Dancing with the Stars comedian Camille is also an eight-time Olympic medalist and likes to party as much as Phelps. Ohno is already noticed at the showbiz wifi Chateau Marmont in the wee hours of the morning numerous times. You won’t be able to grab him despite the above spring (), But the exercise says he is currently considering going back to the cold for the Winter Games in 2014.

The Olympian: Tonya Harding

Hotel: MGM Grand Hotel & Casino — Las Vegas

Well, Olympians who have declined from elegance need a place to live and a way to make some money. The past dancer, famous for apparently employing a mobster to hurt industry Nancy Kerrigan back in 1994, a concert at MGM Grand in 2002 was a success. Henry met Paula Jones in a celebs pay-per-view boxing match that was videoed at the hotel. She won the game, which led to a short-lived (and not-so-successful) baseball career.

The Olympian: Natalie Coughlin

The Hotel: Caesars Palace Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas

When you have an Olympian’s tush, you have to show it! And that’s exactly what backstroker Natalie Coughlin did in the 2012 Sports Illustrated suit ed. The 11-time medalist emerged The problem of having to wear just facepaint, and appreciated the hot pictures in the magazine’s club kept at Caesar’s Palace home in February 2012.

The Olympian: Bruce Jenner

Hotel: Casa De Campo — Dominican Republic

he’s renowned as the face of the Kardashian family today, but Bruce had been popular before Kim was founded for catching a gold medal for the triathlon at the 76 Olympic Games. On an episode of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” recently, the still active Jenner holidayed in the elegant Casa De Campo in the Dominican Republic, where he performed sport at the resort’s famed training.


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