Place ReviewUnique Japanese Confections in San Francisco

Unique Japanese Confections in San Francisco

Cupcakes, Pastries, French macarons.

So Sunday.

For unique sweets it will surely shock and intrigue, walk inside Minamoto Kitchoan, a Japanese chocolate store in San Francisco.

The shops specialize in wagashi, which are homemade, Complex desserts created with mochi, azuki sweet chili powder and pineapple. Typically, they were all planned to be provided during Japanese coffee celebrations. With their fruitiness, They’re the perfect soundtrack to a cup of hot tea, flavorful green tea. Minamoto Kitchoan gets the one-off delivery each month from Japan. The wagashi are delivered cold in a state-of-the-art operation that delivers them much chillier than they’d get us in an upstairs fridge, but it doesn’t affect their deliciousness.

Although some services are available year round, some services are not, the store both changes its options with the autumn and the vacations. Desserts are individually wrapped and are available for 2 to 4 people, the variation. One of my favorite books is now only accessible until June!: kashiwamochi;, in which a true wood leaves a white ball of sticky material, blasted cereals fluffy, nice coffee powder. Unpack and breathe the smell of the countryside.

In early 2018, we both enjoyed a wonderful comfortable room, wiggly fruit liquid that is encapsulated in whole, true fruit. It was like a small artwork.

Market Street in San Francisco, This store is a short walk from Palace Hotel. It launched in late 2009 and has drawn gatherings, both Asian and non-Asian. Admittedly, the store manager here now told me that a majority of clients are visitors from other provinces and states, unable to accept these unique confections as memorabilia for the bag.

They create nice receptionist presents. You won’t be able to refuse to bring something home for yourself, and/.

— Carolyn Jung from FoodGal

[Photo credit to the photographer: Carolyn Jung]


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