TravelUh, This Hotel made Doors??

Uh, This Hotel made Doors??

It’s unique that a hotel surprised us anymore!. We’ve visited forts and palaces, soaring buildings, and comfortable B & Bs. But as we heard how one of the best New resorts in New York City rests across the East River in a converted industrial complex, it was so worth it, we have to stop for a second. Because it’s not a race, truly a paradise for all? Yes, truly truly world class. Back on the Pulaski Bridge in Brooklyn’s northeastern Greenpoint neighborhood, Box House Hotel wows guests with its 57 apartment-style beds that exemplify Brooklyn greatness. Planned by Brooklynite Kip Jacobs, Guestrooms a mix of contemporary furniture and memorabilia, with unique hits including fiber light bulbs and beautiful restaurants. This is a hidden gem with tons of history — just a couple of blocks away from Manhattan.

The entry of this is neat and clunky (pun) estate consists of three-style scanner taxis — lined like birds in a line — from the 1970s. It’s straightforward to get inside of this hotel, and the place provides snug seating, fascinating memorabilia, and vibrant colors. Though stylish, don’t consider a Brooklyn cool group or party scene; the factory is stylish, but simple. Plus, no surprises, the amenities of an apartment are quiet, the scenery is family friendly. All-in-all — for an honest Brooklyn keeper — you can’t do more good than The Box House Hotel. View additional photos after the move!

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