Travel GuidesTrips to San Francisco: Top three entertainment parks

Trips to San Francisco: Top three entertainment parks

A Warm summer season and getaway frequently balances rollercoasters and meats on a stay. While San Francisco isn’t known for amusement parks (the same route a certain town in Southern California is obviously), You can get your screen by renting a car for the week and going to the beach. The roller coasters that are. There are Now three Bay Area playgrounds to contemplate.

Santa Cruz Boardwalk (Santa Cruz, CA): On the Pacific Coast

Ocean Ocean, the above classic boardwalk has free concerts besides the rides. Arrive after a few hours, and the whole day, attempt out the landmark 1911 Looff carnival — It had some of the handful “brass ring” equipment remaining in the state. You can bend your carnival animal and pick up a ring, whereupon chuck it into a clown’s mouth a few minutes late. The Boardwalk has trips all The time.

Gilroy Gardens (Gilroy, CA): In the rosemary capital of the world, the above amusement park is better for the youthful set and for families who might consider the gardening displays interesting. With 40 trips, plus water included, the children may end up tired and happy. They’ll also fondly remember the 19 “Circus Trees” with trees and shorts crosslinked and moulded in surprising ways. There are also a metro and gondola, the garden also has a big garden with a Monarch bird lawn.

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (Vallejo, CA): Head north to Vallejo, so you can ride a train it will make you dizzy, beach with manatees, and much more. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom has something for everyone, with birds like Bengal leopard, an Asian wildlife, and a killer whale. As for the trips, The range of go karts to the Tony Hawk turning train.

If you’re moving with the parents but want to stay in the city, Check out Fisherman’s Wharf resorts like the Sheraton, Fairmont Heritage Place or the Holiday Inn and you’ll have easy access to the travels.

–Debbie Abrams, Kaplan of Frisco Kids and Kaplan Ink

[Photos from Flickr: Scott Scrantz]


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