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Travel Like a Star: 7 Suites Where Celebrities Have Brought Up & Away

we all heard celebrities complain about how hard it would be to be popular — and we know that often you just really like to grab a coffee without getting a dozen photographers documenting your every step of the way. Nevertheless, when patrons regularly put you up in $ 7,000-a-night Presidential Suites that can also sleep about 40, please excuse us if we don’t have to apologize for you. But be decent, We here at Oyster are about as responsible as the people who adore all that’s sparkling and beautiful, we’ve stayed there to see where most of the top celebrities have remained. Stay on text and find the stars, not-too-shabby lodgings!

Celebrity: Kim Kardashian

The Hotel is not a Hotel in The city of Crete: Gansevoort Park Avenue – New York, NY

Price: Starts at $18,000.

The Gansevoort Presidential Suite has been Kim’s choice throughout her time in New York. See a video of Kim and Kourtney Take New York. The 2nd tier, 700-square-foot, The bi-level floor has a large balcony with city views; dining area with black countertops; a lounge with a bar and a furnace; a flight bedroom has a king-size bed and a high-end sound system; floor-to-ceiling doors, and multiple washrooms, one which has its own shower and tub. The hotel also offers a stylish outdoor pool, a number of famous late-night places, and a famous Italian café.

The Celebrity: John Travolta

The Hotel: The Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel Orange County, CA

Price: $ 795 to $ 2,750 per dinner

Ritz-Carlton is one of The most beautiful resorts in Orange County, it has drawn an A-list group since its entrance in 1984. U. S. Presidential Ford, Carter, Reagan and Nixon, and celebrities such as Michael Jackson and John Travolta (who a former hotel employee alleged had a strange escapade in his suite), we all spent time in this beautiful hideaway. With two large baths, a cocktail bar, and the beautiful Raya Restaurant, Ritz has the facilities of a big hotel, elegant resorts, and then it was all a simple click, soothing setup. All beds are equipped with top quality facilities the, but the suites had some fantastic extras, including an individual carter, available for use in the beautiful bath, and a twice daily VIP housework offering.

The “Superstar”: Justin Timberlake

The Hotel: Kahala Hotel and Resort Oahu, HI

Price: $ 2,750 to 2 “, 500 per dinner

A superstar hideaway in 1964, Kahala is very possibly the best hotel in Oahu. Celebrities love it for its relaxed vibe — it’s extra-sop “Family Fun” as “pretentious glitz” — as well as its top-notch eateries and quiet setting. Suites have been personally designed with beautiful furniture and wood floors, and have advantage of the facilities, including private transportation to and from the runway, every day buffet at the Beach House, loading amenities, or use of a booked beach jacuzzi. For incorporated comfort, Signature Suites offer free spa treatments, available for non-motorized boating, evening VIP shut offer, and preferable waterfront seating at two of the hotel’s top restaurants. We’re certain the newly-married Timberlake loved all the benefits — but then some!

The superstar: Angelina Jolie

The Hotel: Langham Hotel London

Price: $ 7, a thousand per meal

Dozens of entertainers have chosen the Langham for their stay in London — and for good reason. The hotel is lush, elegant, and constructed, and works in an indisputable atmosphere of confidentiality. It includes a luxurious bath, a lovely bath!, gorgeous beds!. A favorite amongst the most famous of all the suites is the luxurious two-bedroom Infinity Suite, that claims a four-poster mattress, two dressing rooms, a chromotherapy restroom, and a restaurant. And also, Visitors have access to the hotel’s Club Lounge, that provides buffet and night cocktails and hors d’ oeuvres.

The Superstar: Demi Moore

The Hotel: Four Seasons Chicago

Price: $ 439 to $ 927 per dinner

It could be the hotel’s great location on the Magnificent Mile, with beautiful beds, upmarket facilities and incredible scenery, or the Four Seasons’ excellent facilities — including a gorgeous indoor pool with a ceiling and amazing scenery, a large bath, and a cafe — by Michelin-star Executive Chef Kevin Hickey — but this upmarket estate is among the favourite places for entertainers once attending the Chicago International Conference. Suites, newly redesigned by Pierre-Yves Rochon, open at 575 square feet and offering a wide array of amenities and facilities, including a committed hotel, a stone washroom, and classy design with fruit appearance. Important both offer stunning bay and city views.

The Superstar: Steve Tyler

The Hotel: Sunset Marquis Hotel & Villas – Los Angeles, CA

Price: Cost: $425 to $725 per dinner

Sunset Marquis has come a long way since it launched in The 1960s as a cheap motel for burst concert halls. With a low-key bar, luxurious villas and suites with elegant design and high-tech facilities, and a top notch expert recording studio, Sunset draws an A-list customer every day (as if they had seen there were more than enough soon-to-be A-listers home in the day). It is not unusual to identify a couple of celebrities or entertainers at any given time in the same spot and at the same time, especially by the bath.

The Superstars: Leonardo DiCaprio

The Hotel: The Lanesborough, a /mhdrfv /l /l /m /r. Royal Hotel – London, UK

Price: $ 1,484 to $504,600. Presidential Suites rates are available by asking.

Lanesborough is an elegant estate overlooking Hyde Park in Knightsbridge, a celebrity destination. Most of its beds feature a spacious washroom, large flat screen TVs, and available carter customers, But the suites offer ultimate comfort, featuring Carrara stone washroom with rain and dark splashes; triple-glazed doors; beautiful classic furniture, a decent life/dining places. The Michelin-starred Apsleys Cafe, ground-floor piano bar, the Lanesborough is a popular choice among the rich and famous.


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