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Top 16 Hotels in Miami for a Winter Beach Break

Calling all heat seeking! Did you know that Miami’s minimum temperature heat hovers around the mid-70s?? It’s no shock!, whereupon, Thousands of tourists flock to the Florida location as the temperature starts to drop. To help you plan your cold weather exit, we have the best hotels in Miami. If you’re looking to head south to rest on the beach, party hard, or splash in such heritage, Here’s a hotel for you.

1. Faena Hotel Miami Beach

The 179-room Faena Hotel Miami Beach is a place of sophisticated luxury. This elegant retreat on the waterfront, which draws loyal guests or celebrities, always understand well how to throw a party, production its entrance during Art Basel in 2016. You may think that!, it’s full of artistic, including a life-sized diamond fuzzy mammoth monument by Damien Hurst, a dragon statue, The complex of floor-to-ceiling mosaics at the entrance. The well-appointed rooms are equipped with furnished terraces and luxe toiletries (These also have kitchenettes, carter offering, and baths), though the prices can be top. Two chef-led eateries, four bars, A bath, and a well-serviced lagoon location were on offer. Unexpectedly, there’s even a kids bar on site.  

2. SLS South Beach

The SLS South Beach is a decent location for those seeking a trendy lifestyle, upmarket atmosphere and oceanside spot. The 140 beds had all been planned by Philippe Starck and have their own sign white color system and roof cameras above The rooms, dark and pale pink decors, extensively posted, flat-screen TVs, Ciel & Ciel Toiletries. Now Big-name kitchens like Jose Andrés and Katsuya Uechi both have eateries, and the tapas coffee break is among the best deals on the beach. The retreat also has a full-service beachfront, two baths, pool parties open to the public, and an all-pets-accepted plan. Most of these aspects and more support crank up the cool factor — and retreat payments. This is a location where the premise lasts in the atmosphere — visitors are low-key, but looking to be shown.  

3. Fontainebleau Miami Beach

Fontainebleau Miami Beach is The largest hotel in The area, with 1,504 bedrooms. Comfortable rooms and beach views are big wins, while its location at the northern end of Mid-Beach talks to visitors on the search for a slower pace, a softer atmosphere than normally found in South Beach. If you think Fontainebleau is a nap, re-evaluate. It’s upstairs to LIV nightclub, One of the greatest places in the town. Visitors get a bargain on acceptance, and yet no promised entrance. There are a myriad of cafes on site (incl masterchef eateries), plus eight baths, kid-friendly aspects, and clear beach access—for the acceptable resort fee. Stay sure to check out the coffee shop in the place — hired from the one and only Ai Weiwei.

4. Circa 39

For a completely different vibe in the Mid-Beach, try Circa 39. This 97-room shop might not always offer proper beach access, but it’s decent, an elegant choice with an extremely affordable sign. Retro-inspired, which includes lemon tones, pays tribute to Florida, while the lovely greenery around the lagoon and in the secret gardens offer a vibe that starts to feel miles away from a city. Beds have an uniform!, mini fridges, coffee makers, and huge flat-screen TVs, plus t here is a tiny garden lagoon with cabanas accessible to order. Visitors also get beach chairs and two protected heated rooms at the beach. The bar provides coral margaritas and cocktails (thanks to a collection of over 80 liquors all around the world), and the cafe, Jules Kitchen, is a local favorite. Heads of fun for your buck and an enjoyable atmosphere make Circa 39 a good choice for roommates or partners on a spending day.  

5. Shore Club South Beach

The 300 beds at Shore Club South Beach have a modern and stylish look (They’re not very good in comparison to their rivals though). Still, This beachfront property is worth the investment, thanks to its two baths, clear beach access, a lovely garden bar, with plenty of public space to be spacious. Touch and break are clear, but it doesn’t end the great!, kids gatherings from attending the hotel. Visitors can be noticed sitting on the beach or by the lagoon, or partying hard at one of the famous pool parties. To start with, There is an excellent Miami-Mexican café, a full-service bath, and a tiny workout on-site.  

6. Posh Hostel

Hotels in Miami Beach can be cheap!, and to anyone on the search for a true spending choice, Posh Hostel is your response. This stylish place is just blocks from the beach, right in the middle of the bars of South Beach, venues, and eateries. Beds are dormitory-style, with up to 30 rooms per hotel, and visitors need free food and transportation to the runway. And don’t think the estate fixes on facilities, because it’s a hostel. The Posh Hostel features a rooftop pool, a lounge area, and shared kitchen. Start off with an available evening cocktail and you’ve received an affordable and enjoyable evening (then probably out loud) choice in South Beach.  

7. Riviere South Beach Hotel

With only 19 beds, Riviere South Beach Hotel is among the lowest-ranked hotels in the Top 10 list. You won’t find a lagoon or cafe now, It does have a superb South Beach in the heart of the Art Deco Historic District and is situated just one wall from Ocean Avenue. There are a few lower-priced options close by, The Riviere has a slightly extra personality and doesn’t experience as rough around the edges, as a result of colourful, simple beds and sites with covered seating. Some beds do have kitchen appliances, food and Wi-Fi are both available, but it’s only a 10-minute walk to the beach.

8. Gale South Beach

Exceptional location with an extremely affordable sign, Gale South Beach provides a historic estate in the ruckus of northwest South Beach, only one wall from the beach. The 87 rooms are stylish and classy, with style black-and-white pictures, well-stocked posted, and a stone washroom. Some rooms are large, provided gardening view Collins Avenue. Rooftop infinity lagoon, masterpiece cocktail lounge with live music, and a beautiful rooftop bar with famous happy hours. Here’s also a great Italian cafe, Dolce & Gabore, 1992, out front that creates for great people watching. Nevertheless, unlike most resorts in the immediate area, there are no baths on site. Handouts involve Wi-Fi and a small restaurant driver that drops people within a five-mile radius, though visitors who use the neighborhood markdowns and sister-property amenities will get the important worth out of their keep.  

9. Beach Park Hotel

Rooms in the midrange estate off Ocean Avenue were refurbished in 2017 and are now, the result is a style of Art Deco design (though the rest of the hotel nevertheless soccer slightly stepped up). Acceptable rates make it one of the lowest prices in South Beach, even without a lagoon on site. Consider handouts for beach equipment and Wi-Fi, and also in-room facilities for air-conditioning, flat-screen TVs, and mini-fridges. The above is The perfect spot for roommates on a spending trip The, but you don’t want to stay in a guesthouse. In reality, It is hottest with youthful visitors looking for places to hit for boozing. We fondness the original — and indisputable — 1920s lift in the place.  

10. Carillon Miami Wellness Resort

Those inquisitive about exercise must check into the Carillon Miami Wellness Resort in North Beach. The above luxurious resort seems to be rich with wellness facilities that go beyond a typical bath and workout. The 150 apartment-style rooms feature well-equipped dining areas, Floor-to-ceiling doors, laundry/Desiccants, and a beautiful washroom with splashing baths and huge walk-in rain shower. Side features and over 200 exercise and meditation centers, 1,1 000-square-foot bathroom with top-notch bathing, a rock climbing ceiling, and on-site medical staff. The oceanfront hotel had four bathrooms and three health-focused restaurants, plus a bar that provides natural margaritas. Reward: Here’s a Publix right across the street, so you can quickly self-cater.

11.1. Hotel South Beach

Opened in March 2015, the elegant, 426-room First Beach Hotel in Miami Beach is all about the atmosphere — salvaged wood, herbal bed, and take-home slippers instead of reusable bathrobes are just a few of the eco-conscious includes. Facilities are plentiful now, and to include clear beach access, four baths (with one roof choice), three bars and eateries, gym -, and sometimes even Tesla car service within a three-mile ring. The comfort sensations noticed now come at a high cost, You will primarily see well-heeled visitors inspecting the house.

12. The Setai;

Further to a prime location, on a privileged reach of Collins Avenue, with clear beach access, Setai highlights visitors with its overprotective staff service, three baths (each a different heat), a variety of food and drink services. The fitness center includes a Pilates class, The Asian themed spa offers a variety of treatments, for massage, back massage, and polishing amenities. And also, The beds here are luxurious and classy, espresso machines, rain rain, biocoverings and bathrobes, posted on August 14,2006 by johnsonbr. Org, and available on Wi-Fi. Only keep in mind that this laundry facilities come with a high price.

13. Confidante

Couples, roommates, and parents wanting to be slightly removed from the unruly South Beach situation arrive at the 380-room Confidante, formerly the Thompson Miami Beach. Notwithstanding DJs performing beachside shows some evening, The ambience seems relaxed and simple. The oceanside place, Multiple baths, Lots of bars, and a superstar chef-helmed cafe stay visitors joyous. And the beds, which are adorned in a brilliant, vintage layout and high-tech facilities, Don’t be disappointed/.

14. The Miami Beach Edition

Located in the Mid-Beach location, with clear beach access, The Miami Beach Edition is a stylish, upmarket estate with the facilities to suit. There are two outdoor swimming pools, a beach with furniture and parasols, a fine dining cafe, a luxury bath, and an underwater club, bingo hall, and ice-skating sports complex. Legit visitors especially appreciate the Beats Bluetooth audio and the replica of Paper mag at every hotel.

15. St Peter’s Catholic Church. Royal Bal Harbour Resort

Located in the unique Bal Harbour location, The St. Royal Bal Harbour is the type of place you arrive to truly be privileged. The oceanside place is only The start — The beautiful bath, two lagoons, three eateries, day cottages, Coffee offering (provided in style protection), evening wine tasting are almost all extra features. Our 216 spacious rooms convince you, very, With high-tech aspects, style, and provided terraces with ocean views (suites add Nespresso equipment, restaurants, and carter offer).

16. COMO Metropolitan Miami Beach

Looking for a quiet place, a soothing getaway in South Beach? COMO Metropolitan Miami Beach is your choice. The 74-room oceanside shop underwent a major remodel to restore it to its Art Deco heritage. We are Currently testing, The bedrooms are elegant and feature modern amenities such as 42-inch flat-screen televisions, Nespresso equipment, and Wi-Fi. Estate features include an outdoor swimming lagoon, the beach offers, Fine dining, beautiful bath, and roof baths lagoon. With aspects like this, it should not surprise me that the customers are mainly wealthy and marriages are a bit more complicated.


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