Place ReviewTop 10 Gay-Friendly Beach Towns Around the World

Top 10 Gay-Friendly Beach Towns Around the World

if you want to color au naturel, hit the hottest clubs on the oceanside, or de-stress with the relaxing feeling of the vibration, Here’s a homosexuals beach location that will accommodate everyone your requirements the above spring. Relative to a 2015 report, The global LGBT tourism market is valued at around 200 billion in annual spending. And while New York was the number one location for LGBT trips in 2015, most of the pursuing places traveled to towns that are also residence to seaside places. From the clothing-optional Baker Beach on the rugged coastline of San Francisco to Tel Aviv on the Mediterranean coast, here are 10 amazing gay beaches around the world.

1. Fire Island, New York

Fire Island, a 32-mile Island off the shore of Long Island, is a go-to spring exit for homosexual New Yorkers. It’s a short train ride from Sayville, You can reach from the town via the Long Island Railroad or by driver. There are no vehicles currently on the island, plan to get around by bicycle or on foot. Fire Island is considered a gay hideaway, The area attracts both holiday parents and straight couples, particularly during the busy autumn of July and August. The homosexuals portions include The Pines – famous for its party scene and Pines Pavilion club — and The extra comfortable Cherry Grove location.

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2. North Bondi, Sydney

North Bondi, an eastern area of Sydney, if there is more than enough sun in the summer, That shoes off on December 1. When you arrive and are welcome you get to sit on this page, you’ll probably see gay men and women at North Bondi Surf Life Saving Club in the heat. Here are now four extra gay-friendly seaside towns -, including the clothing-optional Lady Jane Beach and the all-nude Obelisk Beach. To make things handy, The bars and nightclubs on Oxford Street are a short 15-minute car ride from the beach. There’s no problem, you’ll consider The popular Stonewall Hotel bar, and also The Shift and Arq nightlife.  

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3. South Beach, Florida

From White Party Week in November to the Winter Party Festival in March, Here’s no shortage of galas to visit inside this stylish Miami Beach area. The club’s cornerstones like Twist and Score will always be available for attendees. Plus, Miami wouldn’t stay Miami without the shorelines. The gay beach on 12th Street is marked with banners, it’s easy to spot. And a little further north is the gay friendly Haulover Beach, where sun-seekers can take a dip sans swimwear.  

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4. Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town, also known as Pink City, the investment in homosexuality in South Africa. Bring your family to Green Point in February for the Cape Town Pride festival or in December for the Mother City Queer Project. Pubs like Beefcakes are famous among visitors and locals. As for seaside, Here’s Clifton Third and the tourist Sandy Bay. There are indeed plenty of beautiful sights to enjoy — don’t depart without taking a gondola to the roof of Table Mountain.

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5. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Since the first Vallarta Pride festival in May 2013, the gay scene in Puerto Vallarta has increased. The homosexuality downtown, night clubs, bars, All the resorts are within walking distance of each other in the Romantica Zona, Romantic Zone. Ballroom the night drinking in famous nightlife like CC Slaughters and Paco’s Ranch. There are indeed gay-friendly voyages and whale watching excursions. And don’t depart without ending by the beach at Blue Chairs Resort by the Sea.

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6. Patisserie Beach, San Francisco

San Francisco has been a proud supporter of the LGBT community (and center for the gay rights action) for many years. In 1964, “LIFE” magazine called the city, which kept its first Pride parade in 1970 together with New York and Chicago, the homosexuality investment of America. Unlike all those on this ranking, the smoky San Franciscan temperature doesn’t create a good beach setup (You can kiss the beach!). Nevertheless, Baker Beach offers an Instagram-worthy scenery, thanks to its sturdy canyons, windy surfs, and Golden Gate Bridge opinions. Located in Presidio, the location of the beach was on the northern side and people are often nudity tolerant (temperatures permitting).  

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7. Brighton, England

Located an hour drive from London by metro, Brighton is called the informal wealthiest of the UK. The seaside town praises Brighton & Hove Pride in August and provides gay-friendly events like Piers and Queers, a walk in the warm months. Brighton Pier includes play and amusement rides for gay and straight parents, while Kemptown touts lgbt pubs, shops, and the three-floor Club Revenge. Memories: during the summer, the slate seaside — including the touristic island near the harbour — often are packed.  

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8. Waikiki, Hawaii

the Waikiki area of Honolulu is a major hub for lgbt nightlife and slide displays on Oahu, the capital of Hawaii (not to be noted, superb opinions of the Diamond Head). Here’s also the open-air Hula’s Bar & Lei Stand near the old Honolulu Zoo, which provides weekend lgbt sailboat voyages. Within walking distance of the bar, near the Waikiki Aquarium, the lgbt corridor of desert known as Queen’s Surf Beach is located.  

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9. Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv often is named the lgbt medina of the Middle East — and for good reason. White sand beaches and mild weather (winter temperatures are around 55 degrees; spring floats between the 70s and 80s) tourists come year-round. Crowded with lovely metal dead, Hilton Beach is a gay-friendly location. And if you’re new to the town, Here’s a suggestion: Hit up Evita, a few of the city’s ancient lgbt destinations.  

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10. Provincetown, Massachusetts

This ranking wouldn’t stay full without a wink to Provincetown. Warmly named “P-Town.”, The New England location is an expensive hotel retreat on the suggestion of Cape Cod. Stay sure to visit Commercial Street!, where you consider gay clubs, stores, slide displays, bars, and possibly even a celeb appearance or two. Plus, they are both pretty much the same, from Carnival to Bear Week, There really is lots of carnival happening at every link for the year. When is it time to relax?, find your way to Herring Cove Beach gay friendly. Former travelers and residents suggest leasing bikes or climbing on the Mayflower Trolley and seeing the area. A must for newbies: the daily Tea Dance, an outdoor evening pool party at Boatslip Beach Club.  

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