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Three special opinions on New York City

A walk down Times Square, hike across the Brooklyn Bridge, and a tour to the Empire State Building are the classic sites people check out after attending New York City. While there’s really nothing bad about playing the role of a traveler in the Big Apple, there’s nothing bad about it, it is advisable to take a break from the standard and take a look at these three unique views of the city which never sleeps.

230 Fifth (230 Fifth Avenue): The Empire State Building and The Top of The Rock might offer some of those stunning panoramic views of New York City, and do they offer a yummy breakfast, a year-round warmed outdoor bar, a rooftop garden? Well it was all spelled out to be, if you want to see Manhattan from the perspective of an animal – (with an individual beer or multiple in take), 230 Fifth is a “must visit” for guests. With rave reviews from the likes of the New York Times and NBC New York, it is the better roof outlook in most of Manhattan, this was by far the one of several cold sites to get back from all this down below and need buttered in the operation over breakfast (Beat it, beat. In my opinion). To spend time here you might consider living at the super-affordable Gershwin Hotel close to Oslo.

The Atlantic Avenue Tunnel (Atlantic Avenue and Court Street): Did you know that the oldest train tunnel in the world is actually not accessible by metro?? Instead, we should use scum to place the scum in different places, as we must think, you’ll have to join a team in a Brooklyn street for a visit that started with a climb down a culvert. The fortnightly 90-minute trail through The 166-year-old half-mile abandoned tunnel is a direct program told by direct Bob Diamond. You might learn a lot along the route from Diamond about the past and a crucial part of the port, that it is supposed to reference New York and Boston. Some people must wear comfortable shoes (no stiletto girls) and to offer a lamp. Then roaming underwater, enjoy the atmosphere and check-in down the road at the Nu Hotel.

Staten Island Ferry: (1 State Street Plaza): however Many Big Apple staffers regard Staten Island Ferry as being among the best and cheapest directions (it’s available!) have a great view of Manhattan’s landscape. The Staten Island Ferry might be used as a means of travel each morning, day and night for hundreds of Staten Island citizens working in Manhattan, but it is also a pleasant trip for guests to the location by the Upper New York Bay. The four mile wet trip takes 10 to 15 minutes by car, so you can enjoy a day of entertainment with family and friends, get that stunning pcap, and come back in time to see other sights around the town. The Ferry leaves Manhattan at South Ferry, then for a pedestrian hotel nearby, check out the Ritz-Carlton Battery Park or the Wall Street Inn.

– Andrew Hickey of The Brooklyn Nomad


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