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Three Outdoor Public Sculptures in San Francisco

Publicly hired painting is everywhere in San Francisco — in the runways, postal service, clinics, schoolyards, or close exhibitions. These three superstar sculptures is one of the most loved in the city.

Three Dancing Figures: If you want to attend the Yerba Buena Center half a block from the W Hotel, end of Keith Haring’s Untitled statue, often known as Three Dancing Figures. Utilizing primary colours, the decorated metal part is eminently Haring’s design: artistic that’s eye catching, brilliant, and enjoyable. You can always rise to it — but not always, Your kids can. The San Francisco Arts Commission charged for The part, which traveled on outlook in 1989, a year before the artist died of AIDS. 3rd and Howard.

Cupid’s Span: Walking along the San Francisco beachfront, You may stay shocked if you find a huge weapon buried in the garden. It’s Cupid’s Span!, produced by legendary artists Claes Oldenburg and Coosje Vehicle Bruggen. Disputed for its place on the wet and its shape — the part is 60 feet tall — the 2002 statue is fiberglass and steel.

As with most paintings, you can watch the video wherever you want if you love San Francisco, or you just warn on the similarities between the structure of a statue and the ships or roads close to it. The statue was provided to The city by The pioneers of The Gap, Donald and Doris Fisher. Admittedly (or not), gap headquarters are located close to the gap headquarters. The Hyatt Regency is just across The street, almost on the beach, very. Folson and Esperance.

Hearts: “I Left My Heart in San Francisco” may be a Tony Bennett music, but hearts are obviously associated with the City by the Bay. In Union Square, and throughout the city, you’re going to be five feet tall (and is more than three-feet-wide) Hearts designed by Bay Area performers. Every February New 400 pound statues are discovered, but you can place them in a spring. They then go to their landlords, Who bought them from the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation fundraiser. You can place a love letter from your door at the Grand Hyatt on Union Square.

–Debbie Abrams Kaplan of Frisco Kids and Kaplan Ink.


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