Place ReviewThree nibbles along Brooklyn's Restaurant Row

Three nibbles along Brooklyn’s Restaurant Row

Believe it or not, New York City is more than just a peninsula of Manhattan. When you’re in town be sure to grab a cab or jump on a bus ride and take a look at one of several cabs “outer boroughs.” One particular place that every guest should try in the Big Apple is Brooklyn.

If you find your way to the family- and food-friendly area of Park Slope, you’ll probably want to take a stroll down Fifth Avenue, at least a little bit. K. A. “Restaurant Row.” Among the baby gondolas you will find many different types of restaurants — fancy restaurants, kitschy eateries, and everyone in between.

Al che grande Trattoria (248 5th Avenue): Husband and wife, cook Anna Klinger and Emiliano Coppa, drive a restaurant so famous with locals and tourists that they refuse to take bookings. True, to your first arrive, first feed at a crowded honest Italian restaurant. You have to come when the doors open and be ready to wait. Lucky the few launched a gastropub right around the corner, so you can drink on such colours and caucasian while you watch for your bar. I highly recommend buying the filet with arugula squashed in balsamic sauce. Both memos: This organization also receives money.

Stone Park Cafe (324 5th Avenue): This cheerful restaurant is really a good location to have a few drinks and snacks with friends and family. Great music starts over the sound system as diners rotate from bar to bar securing a Great meal. The design of The Cafe is bright and airy with brick walls in front with a more traditional look in The back corner. Stay sure to check out their $ 19. Price Repair Restaurant, which includes first class, second course, and sweets. They both provide wonderful breakfast and a great selection of beers on tap.

The Chocolate Room (86 5th Avenue): You didn’t think I’d leave out a great place for sweets did You?? If you want to eat in one place and get some treats somewhere else, and if you just would like to give up meatloaf for those substantial sweet tooth eating, this is your location — a chocolate cloud nine. Some things in the restaurant include a brownie dessert, a candy for 2 pp, a candy layer cake, and a hot chocolate sail. Plus, if you like beer, flat a few candy flavored stouts!

All of such great restaurants and the rest of 5th Avenue’s “Restaurant Row” All are within a short bus journey or walkable distance from Brooklyn’s Nu Hotel.

– Andrew Hickey, of The Brooklyn Nomad



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