Popular PlacesThree Coffee shops near San Francisco Union Square

Three Coffee shops near San Francisco Union Square

This is the final drive to San Francisco Christmas shopping to pick up those all-important holiday gifts for friends and loved ones. A visit to Union Square can be effective, it can sometimes be challenging. There are Now three places where you can end with a refilling cup of joe or a bottle of water.

Peet in Front of Macy ‘s: Located Just outside the entrance to Macy’s at 120 Stockton Street, fixed Peet’s Coffee cafe dispenses tea to tired shoppers. What it doesn’t do have is a number of chairs — this is a grab-a-coffee-and-run walk-up coffee place. The Hotel Palomar and Villa Florence are within close enough proximity to Macy’s to run back and settle a few shopping bags before The next pass.

Starbucks at Powell & Sutter: Right on the street, under the Sir Francis Drake Hotel, a good view of the gondolas moving by on Powell, This large Starbucks has all the classic food and drink from the chain. It has a number of rooms and a few bar seatings, that’s not always the case in Starbucks shops in San Francisco.

Il Caffe Rulli: An obvious nice facility up in The middle of The Square, Il Caffe Rulli boasts the highest rates of all this lot, and also the best selection of coffees (incl intoxicating luxury — mmmmmm!) and lunchtime-appropriate biscuits. Here’s tiny room chairs, but plenty of outside chairs next to the little ice rink for the holidays. The Westin St. Francis sits across the street.

–Liz Hamill Scott of eatswritesandleaves. TravelsWithpain. Co. Uk. The


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