Hot PlacesThese Hotels Let You Bike Around the City For Free

These Hotels Let You Bike Around the City For Free

Warm days are here, and we can’t think of any other way to explore a new location but by bike. Sure, we’re showcasing some excellent places for cycling, and most scenery trails to soak up. And as an added bonus, here are the nearby hotels that lend bicycles to visitors for free. Trip, flowering, cycling, free stuff — a beautiful combination of all the things we love.  



BBQ is a loved appeal in Austin and it turns out it’s not just a barbecue, you can ride there. Sincerely, the bicycle communication port is at Franklin’s barbeque, and there’s even an annual Tour una Meat that stops at a fabulous barbecue club each spring. But on a non-meat related note, The city has some really beautiful city rides. Enjoy the beachfront and skyline on the Boardwalk Trail at Lady Bird Lake in downtown Austin. It is part of the city’s older Hike and Bike Trail, a popular location for cycling, exercise, and strolling. The trail is adjacent to The northbound Lance Armstrong Bikeway, guests will also be happy to know that the hotel is also car-free.  

Hotels: Free bicycle rental is part of the unique elegance of the Heywood Hotel, a shop in East Austin. They’re one of the personal touches, and with local products painting and handcrafts decor, at this comfortable seven-room hotel. On the west side of the Colorado River near the city hall Austin, the Saint Cecilia Hotel creates Papillionaire bicycles accessible to its visitors. We embrace their vintage style, some of the hotel’s many cool design options.  

New York City

New York has elevated its bike play over the last few years. Each of the better rolls in town is still in Hudson River Park, an island on the west coast of the city. The miles long bike path runs along The edge of Manhattan. Treat yourself to a relaxing trip on Hudson!, boat history vacationers and participants, and wonder at the arboretum and opinions of the New York City beachfront and landscape. Central Park also has a bicycle-friendly cycle through the park’s greenery knolls, Historic landmarks, ponds, it is so cute.  

Hotels: There are a few hotels in New York City that offer free rental rentals, ranging from shop features like the Bowery to chains like the Hyatt Union Square and the Element New York Times Square. We particularly like the location of the Jane, the James Hotel and the Maritime Hotel — that all mortgaged bikes out of, and are minutes away from the waterfront.  


The back roads of The Hamptons are seeking to find a way to get there. A relaxing bike ride on Saturday to the farmer’s market, accompanied by the beach? Or a fish cottage? Yes most of it. Cycling is the best way to get around Hamptons seaside, where car parking goes quickly and frequently charges a good chunk of change. Velojoy. Cycling through The Northwest Woods to The marina in Sag Harbor. When there’s a time, there are plenty of other shops and vintage shops to explore.  

Hotel: Bright orange boaters with bins and home grills are available at the Cannon Bowl/Of The Maidstone in East Hampton. The beautiful house is just a short bike ride from The beach.  

San Diego

San Diego is a great place to ride bicycles any time of the year, thanks to its warm climate and miles of seaside. For a quintessentially SoCal experience, bicycles on Mission Bay’s trails. Based on where you start, you’ll pass by public parks, wilderness maintains, the gravel shoreline of Mission Beach, and the waterfront. Fresh seafood, View the street singers on Mission Beach waterfront, and to grab the twilight over the wet are must-dos along the route. View Downtown on Rollers, start in the Gaslamp Quarter and continue along the bikeways through the Marina District.

Hotels: Tower 23 is a boutique oceanfront hotel that offers free rental rentals to visitors. Free bicycles are accessible at the Sofia Hotel landmark, in the city center of San Diego.  


Wine and cycling are not often combined, especially not on many of the coarser streets in Napa Valley. But the Napa Riverfront District is a relaxing trip. Boat Historic Historic Homes, and end at the Napa Mill and riverfront boulevard. There are numerous eateries and shops to explore along the route.

hotelier: The Napa River Inn is located in The heart of downtown, right in front of the landmark Napa Mill. Visitors can loan bikes to explore the area — including neighborhood shops, eateries, tasting beds, and at the Oxbow Public Market — for free.  


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