Place ReviewThe World's Best Hotels For Beer Drinkers (Yes, We Think About Everything)

The World’s Best Hotels For Beer Drinkers (Yes, We Think About Everything)

If you are a fan of the fluffy pint, You probably seek out local beers and beer excursions during your trips.  

We do as well, so we’ve also visited places that are popular for their beer, but we’ve both stayed in hotels that are beer locations around their own correct location.  

These four different beer-inspired hotels will make you happy. Check them out and let us know, are there other beer-friendly hotels you love that should include in our ranking??

McMenamins Kennedy School, Portland

It probably comes as no surprise that our first beer-aficionado-friendly resort was found in Portland, A town widely-recognized as one of the best for beer. And they have theirsThe McMenamins Kennedy School has been one of the area’s most unique hotels, with 57 beds being accommodated in a landmark preschool. Some beds have blackboards that serve as design inspiration and the, and here’s a cinema in the old hall. Oh, the Concordia beer is located on site from what used to be the little girls hotel. Have fun in Detained with the King’s Landing IPA.

Check out a school-turned-hotel in beer-friendly Dublin>>

Trapp Family Lodge, Vermont

If your family is something like most of ours the headquarters of this location is ideal, you have heard The Sound of Music about 100 times. You may remember the message from Edelweiss, you may not remember the family of the Trapp dynasty (who inspired the video?) Drive the Trapp Family Lodge, an Austrian-inspired lodge in Vermont. The above family-friendly retreat is a top pick between beer couples, because the Trapps also own the landder Trapp beer, a local brewpub associated with the retreat; the signs Vienna-Style Lager and Golden Helles beer are a few of our favorite stuff.

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Augustine Hotel, Prague

The Augustine Hotel, a comfortable five-story Starwood estate, could have a high price tag if it was a big deal (Prices start at 400/dinner), but there’s a lot of background information, that brings to its approach; part of the complex was once a 13th century buildingth-century temple with connected beer that would offer neighborhood monastery. You’re unlikely to see a monastery wandering around the property currently, you can (but should we?) check out the on-site St. John’s Basilica. James beer bar, it’s from the old beer cupboard; the vintage St. James Beer was indeed worth a drink.

The Fairmont, San Francisco

The Fairmont has very little of a beer-drinking past within its buildings; the Cirque Room was the first bar to be cleared in San Francisco following the end of the ban — and we wouldn’t be shocked if any pirates partying came down even there before the outlaw had been removed. These days, the hotel holds itself on a higher level with the pilsner beer taste, beer with true taste collected from the property’s individual hives in its cuisine lawn. Pick up a pint on plan, available exclusively at the Laurel Court Restaurant and Bar.

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