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The Weirdest Hotel Spa Services EVER

Sometimes spa treatments are relegated to the edge of soothing and enter the realm of terribly unbelievable. From fish manicures to snow beds, resorts around the world offer unique (and kinda weird) Choices for visitors to indulge in. Some may promise services by these options, some might stay dubious — but we at Oyster will attempt to do the impossible (nearly like her) anything when! I’m Here, we had the weirdest spa services we’ve come across on our trips. Accept a look and plan to get privileged for a whole new way!

The Treatment: Sparsity Oxygen Bubble

The Spa Hotel: Gran Hotel La Florida, Barcelona

At Zen Zone Spa in Barcelona, visitors can try out the Sparience Oyxgen Bubble. Is designed to alleviate pressure and reduce damage recovery time, These particles are filled with 99.5 percent pure oxygen, which should influence intense mental and body rest. The AlphaSphere mattress incorporates paint, form, and light with noise, soundwaves, and warmth to extend the effects of the treatment. It’s both extremely comfortable and really good, but does it tell you a little about this John Travolta era??

The Treatment: Fish Spa Pedicure

The Spa Hotel: Gran Hotel La Florida, Barcelona

in the same hotel, visitors could pop out of the bubble and sink their feet into it. “Doctor fish” — or garra rufa — have been used to treat acne for years in outdoor pools in the species ‘resident Turkey, Syria, Iran, and Iraq. Garra Fayre manicures have become a trend, particularly in Asian states, for the last seven or eight years at Barbershops. The fish peel off dead skin cells as they grassland for meals… On your feet. The exercise appears to be banned in several US cities. S. Says due to cleanliness issues, but people around the world nevertheless promise the tiny fools.

The Treatment: Snow Paradise

The Spa Hotel: K West Hotel & Spa, London

This London spa concentrates on hot-cold treatments, for which visitors switch from sensual bathhouses to cold-cold packages. These transfers are intended to promote skin circulation and improve immunity. Spa ice havens like this started in Germany or are a modification of a special Finnish treatment. The hotel is maintained at just five degrees Fahrenheit (-15 degrees Celsius) and therefore is designed to resemble an ice veer.

The Treatment: Koan Float

The Spa Hotel: Ambassade Hotel, Amsterdam

Floating days away in the sea on a trip often sounds like a good idea. Floating “away from” in a container in Amsterdam, yes, fascinating. The flocculation house is filled with warm salt and everything motivation (like feeling it, lights, fluctuations in climate, and sometimes even gravity) removed. One-hour float meeting research has shown that each hour of floating is equivalent to four hours of napping, the way is intended to induce deep relaxation, and therefore is presumably especially good for those having difficulties healing from fatigue.

The Treatment: Couples Gondola Experience

The Hotel: Loews Coronado Bay Resort Spa, San Diego

Cruising in an honest Venetian gondola through the ponds of Coronado Cay in San Diego only receives much and much — receiving a rubdown on-deck is your idea of a good period. Couples get a sunscreen app (security first!) and a forty-minute relaxation, accompanied by wine and chocolate-covered strawberries. We only believe the captain of the boat keeps the cruise slow, and has his or her sight avoided when we move over.

The Treatment: Beer Brew Bath

The Spa Hotel: Four Seasons Resort Vail

In partnership with the local Crazy Mountain Brewing Company, Four Seasons Vail provides a slew of therapies focused on this all-powerful restorative: the brewski. Among the services offered are the Amber Ale Foot Soaks, the Stout Scalp Treatment, a Lava Lake Pub Scrub, beer, and a Beer in the Bath.

The Treatment: The Tequila Soother

The Spa Hotel: Esperanza Resort, Los Cabos

For those of you who need hard alcohol to rest, have no anxiety — here’s a pedicure for it, Very. At Esperanza Resort in Los Cabos, Visitors can book Tequila Soother when they really have to take the edge off. Visitors are scratched flat with seasoning and color body cleanser, followed by the application of an aloe and flavoring covering, and a tequila honey body covering. A second face with whey and cereals arrived last summer, and the treatment was indeed blocked off with a relaxation. And also, raise the relaxation stakes, the spa offers visitors a Paloma: a maria drooled with gray tequila, pineapple and lemon.

The Treatment: Cocoon Room

The Spa Hotel: Britannia Hotel, Norway

The Spa at Birtannia was presumably its standout attraction. There are only a handful of full-service hotel spas in Norway, and claims a Roman bath, a bathtub under a fake roof, a steam room, bathhouses, and a special lounge, named the “Cocoon Room” visitors could rest in cocoon-shaped furniture suspended from the ceiling. Planned to influence the acquired experiences a person has while in the uterus, Visitors apparently leave their bodies revived and able to rest. Here’s a bird in everyone, presumably.

The Treatment: Crystal Body Art

The Spa Hotel: Caesars Palace Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas

Bedazzling is not even for your iPhone anymore!. Visitors to this Las Vegas hotel can get their sparkling on — all across their body — at the spa. This treatment is not a (maybe app is a better word now) started off with a rubdown and sunscreen app. Visitors then have the steeling decision of choosing where to beautify their body with an excess of Swarovski crystals in the future. It’s Vegas!, almost everything goes.


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