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The Most Popular Amusement Parks in the USA: How to Make the Most of Your Experience?

Amusement rides, amazing tea trip!, and an excuse to eat more than enough funnel bread, amusement parks have it all. And given that the maximum garden weather is still in full swing, there’s no better time to run away and hide for a vacation or get on the edge of some excitement. To help visitors make the most of their trip, We look at the six most popular parks in the us. S. (centered on arrival that year and) and collected a guide filled with hints, tips and tips on how to handle each of the situations. Playing Beeps: They’re all in California and Florida.

Universal Studios Orlando

Universal Studios Orlando saw the greatest increase in visitors from 2014 to 2015 than any theme park in North America. The above could probably be attributed to The entrance to The Diagon Alley, which are part of a few of the park’s largest highlights: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  

Know Before You Go: Use Universal Studios Mobile to take a look at trip wait times, display twice, Locations, and much more. Make sure to pack a charger to keep your camera juiced up.  

Insider Tip. 1: Harry Potter enthusiasts are going to have to spend months on a park-to-park booking and jump on the Hogwarts Express. How? Well, the old “Anakin Alden”, Hogsmeade rests in Universal Studios Islands of Adventure garden whereas Diagon Alley rests in Universal Studios. Buy the tickets online to save money and time. Oh, my goodness, and don’t forget to buy a Harry Potter device to operate some really cool spellcasters around the garden.

Insider Tip No. 2: Whether you move alone, or split up with roommates for a little while, some trips provide single options that reduce your delay. Only request the employee on the reserve line.  

Where to Stay at Universal Studios?

After a busy day After nonstop trips, relax at the Loews Portofino Bay Hotel in Universal Orlando, which is styled after Italy’s true Portofino Bay. I’m Here, two of the three bathrooms on the property are suitable for individuals (especially partners), a galleria offers evening fun, and the Mandara Spa assists people around them. Engage in yummy tickets at the on-site Italian eateries, then perform it in the state-of-the-art fitness center. To top things off, let me start, hotel guests can ask for free cabs to the campgrounds, where they’ll obtain VIP care.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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Hollywood Studios, the third of four parks at Walt Disney World Resort, is so often ignored. Good news!: it’s supposed to get a multi-billion-dollar restart that will bid goodbye to those faves and invite extras.

Know Before You Go!: The garden has been renovated, sure to check what is in the lineup before reserving your tour.  

Insider Tip No. 1: Arrive at the garden a half-hour before the rolls clear. Can it’t be a fight and get out of the restaurant, choose breakfast in the garden. Hollywood & Vine is a decent option and holds guests well as driving over to the Tower of Terror. A new article on how to read a paper about “the booze”

Insider Tip No. 2: Check out the fantastic overnight display!, that includes the performs — wet impact, fire works, spotlights, song, and much more. And also, if you plan to leave for the afternoon or night, paths are typically smaller.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

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Both a theme park and an animal park, Animal Kingdom drawn about 30,000 guests per day (11 million amount) last year, making it the fourth important attended garden by the select team.

Know Before You Go!: Animal Kingdom opened its walls at dinner recently, permitting guests to enjoy its sights and excursions after blackout. And also, Expect different rolls and late-night musical and soirees.

Insider Tip No. 1: When you face the Jeep adventure, I prefer to sit in the back of the car. This offers another opportunity to enjoy birds you might have overlooked.  

Insider Tip No. 2: Don’t forget the Wildlife Train, which provides a behind-the-scenes journey through the garden. Cut off at Rafiki’s Planet Watch when the children Need antsy — they’ll embrace the petting zoo now.  

Insider Tip No. 3: Animal kingdom’s main focus is animals, yes, the birds. But they don’t like your plan. In side terms, plan to custom your hours to yours, if you want to see more you can. Purchase the dinner at the Animal Kingdom Lodge for a possibility to see the animals travelling about in the available rooms.  

Epcot at Walt Disney World

Magic Kingdom might be one of the hottest of the Orlando features, Epcot is the largest. Walt Disney never stayed to see the garden (it was launched in 1982), he anticipated it as a place to celebrate suggestions of what the destiny could be. Go for the countless selfie options at Spaceship Earth (a. K. A. The gigantic frisbee building); organize for the World Showcase. Visit 11 different states at the same time.

Know Before You Go: There is a gaggle of international meals to choose from, but don’t make too many restaurant reservations before your tour. What’s extra enjoyable is attempt a little something from anywhere and separate it between the team or parents.

Insider Tip #1.1: Want to drink something other than h2o?? Get a free drink: most Coke items at Club Cool are free.  

Insider Tip No. 2: With all the walkables you can do something, you have to keep putting your feet up at some point in the day. Get out on a long ride that will keep the kids amused and give you a split second. We suggest Ellen’s Energy Adventure or the Living With the Land boat ride.  

Insider Tip. 3: A table outside the Rose Crown restaurant and dining room is the best place to take the spectacular Illuminations fireworks display at dinner. The take: Reservations for exterior rooms are not accessible, you might have to take your chances.

Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World

Attracting about 20 million guests, the Magic Kingdom was America’s preferred tourist attraction that year and was a. From Cinderella Castle and Space Mountain to the Haunted Mansion, and dark fireworks shows, It’s not like they’re going to be the happiest place on earth.

Know Before You Go: Get a Fast Pass, which allows guests to order entrance to those sights up to 60 days before their entrance.  

Insider Tip. 1: Want to eat at the immensely popular Cinderella’s Royal Table or Be Our Guest eateries? Because booking requires a credit payment and 24-hour postponement plan, control the Disney restaurant location for next-day holes.  

Insider Tip No. 2: If confetti isn’t your cuppa!, We suggest capturing the park’s hottest trips during the displays and processions to lower the backlog.  

Where to Stay at the Disney Parks

One of the major advantages of staying at Disney estate is the transportation benefits, incl travel to the parks as well as to and from the runways. Visitors can also experience Extra Magic Hours, which provides entrance to the garden before and after the general public. Sure if you’re hitting up Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, or “Magic Kingdom”, spend the night in the Grand Floridian Resort Spa. The design, which is reminiscent of Florida’s Victorian-style beachside attractions, creating a magical experience. The beds sleep up to 5 people, it’s great for parents. Magic Kingdom is only 10 minutes away by gondola, but even if you’re most parked out, still, purchase the day soothing in the hotel’s multiple baths or rent a boat for more wet entertainment. Plus, we all had a lot of laughs, with five on-site eateries, here’s someone to talk to.  


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Disneyland in Anaheim, California received about 18 million guests during its 60th remembrance last year — a nine percent increase from 2014’s guest number (it swapped places with Disneyland in Tokyo). It features many highlights, it was also the only garden under the direct supervision of Walt Disney’ ‘.  

Know Before You Go: For those on a small budget, The garden allows visitors to bring their own food to the property. Moving past the supermarket for sandwich-making provided some pineapple for a more wallet-friendly choice.

Insider Tip No. 1: If you want to give your children something unique (but available) enjoy!, to contact the Disneyland Railroad Circuit if they can ride in the soft chair, which is situated up front about stated circuit.  

Insider Tip. 2: New Orleans Square is among the cold marks in the garden — and makes for nice Instagram stuff. To access it, use the Frontierland (not Adventureland) entry in. The above shortcut might place you in The front of The park’s gatherings.

Where to Stay at Disneyland?

For those that are on the search For a nearby estate and it doesn’t put a dent in the bank account, search no further than The Comfort Inn & Suites Anaheim, Disneyland Resort. Garden rides are only a 10-minute car ride from The cheap family-friendly estate. After a long day, the children may be exhausted enough to do nothing but sleep on the bed. In other words, they’re not, There is a large outdoor pool at the resort. Plus, Here’s a hot breakfast buffet to screen before a large day in the garden.  


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