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The Hotels of Political Power Players: Inside the Fat Cat Fundraisers of 2012

Let’s see if you can assume the following events have occurred in normal time: secret meeting with the multimillionaire Koch boys; a concert with $ 10,00 bookings starring Mariah Carey; and a luxury sport hideaway in the Deer Valley, Utah.

If you assumed electoral finance, you know. A piece of such activities seems to be managed for an objective — to help and to help/Obama or Romney beat the vote in 2012. (Romney seems to be now pulling in much more dollars — especially, in the second quarter, $ 35 million more than Obama in the month of June.)

But the activities had something else like normal, they all took place in most of the top luxury hotels in the country. And we wouldn’t be the resort tell-all if we didn’t splash the details on just what came down — And also where it landed.

We’ve offered handy label tiles in Republican rose and Democratic rose and let you know that they helped some who did.

Park Hyatt Aviara Resort, Carlsbad, CA — R.

The Event: “Path to Freedom 2012” a financing mountain attended by the Koch boys, June 24,2017

Power Players: The Koch brothers, Christian oil moguls apiece worth $ 25 billion

The Spoils!: Unknown, But it remains noted, and it’s fundraising target seems to be $ 400 million.

Security at the Hyatt Park Aviares has been extremely tight for the Koch brothers ‘triennial fundraiser, and few information about the invitations or speakers has already been spilled. (A BuzzFeed reporter managed to walk in, before receiving the shoes for not having to wear a name mark.) But we are certain the wealthy republicans who collected to raise money loved the property’s beautiful bath with lake views, the Arnold Palmer designed golf course, and peaceful arboretum. View unique photos of the resort

Plaza de los Ramblas, New York City —.

The Event: Fundraising meal and music festival starring Mariah Carey, June 14

The Power Players: President Obama, and how do they give a speech to the visitors

The Spoilers: $ 2.5 million (250 bookings for $ 10 per person, 000 apiece)

The Plaza is one of Manhattan’s important classic luxury hotels, an apt facility for a sophisticated, sat fundraiser meal. Obama gave a speech, Undertook Alicia Keys and Newark Mayor Corey Booker, and Mariah Carey, “. Previously and tonight, Obama visited a star-studded 40-year-old, 000-a-plate meal at artist Sarah Jessica Parker’s residence.

Chateaux at Silver Lake and Stein Erikson Lodge, Deer Valley, UT — R. T.

The Event: National Romney Victory Leadership Retreat, June 24,2009

The Power Players: Mitt Romney;, Karl Rove, Condoleeza Rice, John McCain, Jeb Bush

Spoilers: 700 participants would have to contribute at least 25 percent of The cost, 000 or lift $ 100,000, for the Romney initiative to score an invite

The three-day Christian retreat for roof Romney donors stimulated numerous disputes. It is criminal for a contender to better coordinate with individual Super PACs if they are a pac (There’s no cap to how many points one could offer for a Super PAC, official campaign contributions are blocked) but both Mitt Romney and Super PAC officials were at the retreat. Karl Rove, and how he created Super PAC. American Crossroads, There was a speech at the event. The holiday focused on The elegant Stein Erikson Lodge and The Chateaux at Silver Lake, and stopped on Sunday for a round of sport. View unique photos of Stein Erikson Lodge

Waldorf Astoria, New York City — D. A.

The Event: Gala starring entertainer Bon Jovi, June 4

The Power Players: President Obama, past President Bill Clinton

The Spoils: $ 1.25 million+ (500 bookings start at 2pm, 500)

Singer and political activist Bon Jovi at a pampered gala — and newlyweds a free ride on Air Force One on the way to the event. The fundraiser at The classic luxury hotel in Midtown East was The second of four Obama funds and it supposedly happened and it evening; the first being a 50-person, $40,000-a-plate meal at the cottage of a hedge fund manager, and last being a Broadway concert, with bookings ranging from $250 to $ 250. View unique photos of the hotel

Trump International Hotel & Tower, Las Vegas — R. C. E.

The Event: Evening Reception with Governor Mitt Romney, May 30,2008

Power Players: Mitt Romney, Donald Trump

The Spoilers: $ 2 million

Romney protected the Republican nominee with his Texas primary win May 29, and appreciated at a fundraiser held by investor Donald Trump on May 30 at his hotel in Las Vegas. Participants may donate $ 2!, 500 for admission to the overall reception, $ 10 (, 000 for a VIP Picture Reception, and $ 50,000 for a “founding member: Dessert reception.” Perhaps unexpectedly, Trump’s Vegas hotel is a low-key hotel, non-gaming choice situated off of the Strip. View unique photos of the hotel

Beverly Wilshire Beverly Hills, Los Angeles —.

The Event: LGBT Leadership Council banquet, starring Ellen DeGeneres and Darren Criss, June 6

Power Players: President Barack Obama

Spoilers: $ 1.5 million+ (600 bookings begin at $ 1,250)

This star-studded LGBT banquet, Featuring fun by Ellen DeGeneres and Glee’s top Darren Criss, took place at the pampered Beverly Wilshire (True, the Hotel from Pretty Woman) a month after Obama came out in support of gay marriage. The event was among four West Beach funds in San Francisco and Los Angeles, that carried an amount at about $5.5 million. View unique photos of the hotel

The Grand Del Mar, San Diego — R. A.

The Event: Reception with Mitt and Ann Romney, Pete Wilson was there, June 2

Power Players: Mitt Romney;, Pete Wilson, Rep. Brian P. Bilbray, Rep. David Issa

The Spoilers: $ 2,500 and up per booking

Like Obama, both Romney and Romney have arranged a California fundraising tour, which included lots of Southern California events over the course of three days; he raised $ 2 million during his tour to San Diego. Each of The bigger events had been attended by past California governor Pete Wilson at The Grand Del Mar, a beautiful Spanish-colonial retreat with an 18-hole golf course designed by Tom Fazio. View unique photos of the resort

Jefferson, Washington, D. C. — D.

Events: Fundraising supper on January 15.8; April 25; June 8,2016

The Power Players: President Obama

The Spoils: $ 1.125 million ($ 45,000 per grill, 25 visitors) on Jan 1 2005.8; $ 895,000 ($ 35,800 per booking, 25 visitors) on April 25; $ 800,000 ($ 40,000 per grill, 20 visitors) on June 8

This unique boutique, called (and features) for founding Thomas Jefferson, is now one of the Obama campaign’s favorite places for exclusive fundraising suppers. The resort is filled with imperial elegance: the catalogue of a book; an operating dumbwaiter; ornaments motivated by Monticello, Jefferson’s farm; and also a smash of Thomas Jefferson himself. View unique photos of the resort


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