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The Country’s Top 10 College Towns

Walk around campus for an initial start of a new college year, and you’ll experience the electricity and joy. (Trust us. We walk every day through Washington Square Park on our way to our Oyster headquarters.) A brings new opportunities; It’s a fresh start and a blank slate, and particularly at the beginning of the university year, it seems like anything is possible but its not! For all of us working at Oyster, this optimism is really something we forget about our college years. Sure!, We place our classic in good usage arose with a pretty awesome ranking from some pretty awesome college towns. Here are 10 college towns that will have you thinking about whacking the library once again.

Berkeley, California

Credit: Photo: John Morgan

Welcome to Berkeley, a place with simple, perfect weather that’s overflowing with history and culture — and street shops. It also quite sure occurred as being residence to the ancient University in the University of California process — you assumed It, University of California Berkeley. If you’re seeking a vegetarian restaurant, here is what you need, a world-renowned theatrical performance, or substantial town fun (hi, San Francisco), You’ll consider it in Berkeley.

Visitors to Berkeley may want to stay close to San Francisco (Just 30 minutes by driver) for comfort. It’s located in a tourist-friendly area, The Sheraton Fisherman’s Wharf Hotel is a great choice for discovering The area.

Ithaca, New York

Credit Photo: Mads Bodker

If you have ever been to a place where you’ve been, check out these five links, you’ll remember that “Ithaca is gorges.” The popular saying is seen all over campus, from placards to t-shirts. The motto pays tribute to Ithaca’s widespread falls and their unmatched charm. Residence at Both Ithaca College and Cornell University, Ithaca is a place where colleges apply, enthusiasts, Vegan liberal activist with PhDs, and IPA-drinking posers socialize easily. And whether you’re a guest or a former native, you will understand that all these conditions are collectively unique.

A short car ride from Ithaca, Hope Lake Lodge is a family-friendly hotel that effortlessly combines with the natural beauty of the Finger Lakes Region. After a crowded day discovering all Ithaca has to offer, relaxing in the beautiful outdoor lagoon doesn’t sound like a bad idea at all.

College Station, Texas

Credit: Photo: Stuart Seeger

Unlike the important college towns, College Station wouldn’t be present at all would have Texas A & M not opened its doors home in 1876. Creating a college around the college, College Station is now a thriving city with a myriad of purchasing opportunities, restaurant, and attractions. But the school town’s soulmate is sports. As part of the Southeastern Conference, Texas M is the residence of the Aggies, and the citizens of College Station aren’t afraid to display their pride. Sports fans will feel right at home in Aggieland, thanks to A & M’s long history of soccer culture.

College Station does not have its own international airport, but Aggieland is now only an hour or two from Houston. We like Magnolia Hotel Houston for its rooftop pool, Comfortable accommodation, and slight awards to the Lone Star State throughout the estate.

Madison, Wisconsin

Credit Photo: Richard Hurd

The University of Wisconsin Madison has historically been recognized as a politically active University. Not only is the school directly linked to the Wisconsin State Capitol by State Street, Most will remember the Vietnam War demonstrations that took place here in the 1960s and 1970s. Also currently not listed, it’s hard to find a school so closely linked to the events of its town as Madison. State Street stays the position to be, great shopping!, restaurant, and fun. Here’s neither a scarces nor scarces outside action/, as the College, along with much of the town itself, rests in multiple lakes, the Mendota and Monona.

Don’t get false!, Madison is a great place to stay. But if you want a truly big city vibe, in Chicago and take a day trip to Wisconsin. The Allegro Chicago Hotel is situated in The midst of The cinema area, it starts to feel like a kind of cinema itself. Plus, beds are luxurious and well-equipped with handouts.

Tucson, Arizona]

Credit Photo: Rick Cooper

One of the largest college towns in our select, Tucson is known for its beautiful sand landscape, 350 +days of sunshine per year, and amazing cuisine (it’s just 60 miles north of Mexico, so you’ll consider a few of those amazing fajitas). The mountains of Catalina are varied, Rincon /”Pluto”, and Santa Rita, offer excellent hiking and biking options. But if the thought of cycling around the sand has been creating your eccrine, congratulations!, There’s more than enough room (air-conditioned) action to take part in too. The men’s basketball plan at The University of Arizona is among The highest in The country, play draws unruly enthusiasts from all over the area.

A little away from the city center, The JW Marriott Tucson Starr Pass Resort & Spa provides stunning scenery in an elegant setting. Large pool, stupid sea, the water slide is great for the HOT summers of Tucson.

Burlington, Vermont

Credit Photo: Michael Whitney;

The largest city in The state of Vermont, Burlington is the residence of the University of Vermont, Burlington College, and Champlain College. The town interactions in four different autumn terms, during the cold it’s not extraordinary to see riders carrying their equipment through downtown. Burlington both claims a great music scene; the group Phish was founded on UVM’s campus in 1983, SpringFest hosted numerous musical guests annually.

Quint, comfortable!, elegant — The Norwich Inn is all you’d want a New England Inn to be. Guests can consider cottages, Accessories, and Victorian furniture, Featuring modern amenities and an on-site brewing station. It’s about an hour and a half drive from Burlington, It was only a five-minute hike from Dartmouth College, located in the charming town of Hanover, NH.

Gainesville, FL – 6 p. M, Florida

Credit Photo: Dan Smith

With a low cost of residing, a close tropical climate, and a big music scene (here’s the annual report, three-day Jam’ n Slide event) It’s not hard to see why Gainesville is often listed as one of the best places to live in the country. Residence at the University of Florida, Gainesville has never been short on school spirit. Sports weather is a fascinating period, Thousands of supporters gather at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, AKA “The Swamp!” praise the Gators.

The location of Gainesville in center Florida makes it easy to reach popular tourist destinations. If you want to face the sea, or spend a little time with Mickey, The Hilton St. Catherine Historic Bayfront and the Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek are both excellent options within two-hour driving distance of Gainesville.

Athens, Georgia

Credit: Photo: David Thornton ()

Interested in culture, the University of Georgia and its surrounding area of Athens, is known for southwest hotels and a loyalty to preserving traditions. Each such culture is the yearly football between the Florida Gators and the Georgia Bulldogs. One of several ancient squabbles in sports, the game often is referred to as the “World’s Largest Cocktail Party!.” But don’t worry if you are not a sports fan; Athens and Rome both occurred to become the origins of R. E. M. And the B-52 ‘s, and the town guests an annual fest often known as Athfest.

Just over an hour drive from Athens, Atlanta is the political and architectural station of Georgia. The elegant Loews Atlanta Hotel has a great downtown location and colorful rooms, contemporary beds with floor-to-ceiling doors.

Boulder, Colorado

Credit: Photo: Thomas Rumley

Double check on every select of the field “best college towns” and you’ll probably find Boulder. A place known for its shocking natural beauty, Boulder is an outdoor adventurer’s bliss, with countless bikeways, backcountry camping, and boulders for ascent. Boulder also has a great center city; Pearl Street is the famous college lounge, with tons of bars and eateries.

Denver is just 40 minutes from Boulder, and the Hotel Monaco Denver seems certainly worth the car. The above weird is not true (we don’t joke) in fact the hotel was centrally located in Denver, have great standard beds, and is therefore pet-friendly!

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Credit: Photo: Michael Hicks

With education for Harvard and MIT within its limits, Here’s something on the water in Cambridge. Only a quick T ride from Boston, Cambridge has the best of both worlds — a small school community feel with accessibility to the big city. Assumed for its courthouses, Cambridge has many special areas, also with a different vibe. Test around Lechmere Square for some nice purchasing, Inman Square for a weird music scene, Central Square for international gourmet.

A few buildings from Harvard Square, the Hotel Veritas offers comfortable rooms with beautiful design and contemporary furniture. It’s also within walking distance to the Charles River and the nearest tee end.


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