Place ReviewThe Beverly Hills Hotel Just Got Even MORE Luxe!. Sincerely.

The Beverly Hills Hotel Just Got Even MORE Luxe!. Sincerely.

Opening in 1912, before the town of Beverly Hills existed, The Beverly Hills Hotel has created itself as another of Los Angeles’s famous luxury features. Home in the day, the famous Polo Lounge attracted fans of Frank Sinatra and Elizabeth Taylor, celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe stayed in the villas of the hotel for years. Today, just as many entertainers pass through the hotel’s walls and down its classic bamboo themes in the corridors. But so, although The Beverly Hills Hotel is still luxe, it just got even MORE luxurious with the remodel to the restaurants and lagoon location, as well as the beds in 2014. Take a look below in some of the many chi-chi rooms of the hotel, along with before-and-after hotel pictures. When you are ready, be sure to review our fully updated summary — with nearly 11,000 images available, 1000 new pictures!!

several key elements have been kept

The renovations were substantial, they kept the vintage features the hotel aspires to, including the bamboo themes in the corridors.

And the sign is cute throughout.

the balcony of the lagoon got a major update

With clean cabanas and parasols

As also As ultra-luxe, private villas with seating, big flat-screen TVs, and personalized.

Restaurants received an update

With an upgraded design which nonetheless screams the stare, Cabana Cafe on the beach.

The iconic Polo Lounge.

And the beds got a SERIOUS remodel!

This is how they stared BEFORE

And THIS was indeed AFTER!

Before the

and AFTER!


and AFTER!

Full summary and 916 AMAZING pictures of The Beverly Hills Hotel. More Hotel facials that are completely INSANE!!.

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