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The Best Small Towns in America

While big cities can still be noted more often in travel guides and on Instagram feeds, Small towns offer unique opportunities to reconnect with past, switch lesser-known channels, or even post pics to social media that everybody hasn’t already seen. Now there are 12 small towns (with a community of under 10,000) that are worth turning off the highway and seeing.

1. Avalon, California

The southwest area in Los Angeles County, Avalon is a retreat retreat on Catalina Island, 22 miles off the coast of the Continental Coast of California. Reaching the island by vessel might take about an hour from Long Beach, or, you’re a big spender, 15 minutes by helicopter. Seaside and sailing are the major highlights of Avalon, which has a local population of about 3 million, 700, but you can like to go on underground falls, oysters, and play golf. Visitors wishing to rest can check out the parklands and marine reserve. Here are upscale restaurants, chain stores, and spas of the highest quality for those who are looking for a little extra beauty.

2. Dahlonega, Georgia

Many backpackers arrive at Dahlonega, at the foot of the Appalachian Mountains, rest and recover before starting a walk on the Appalachian Trail eight miles back. Guests who don’t want to perform the approximately 2 hours, The 180-mile trail could experience a more soothing stroll with one of the six falls and is within a short car from downtown. Dahlonega made a name for itself during the Georgia Gold Rush of 1829, and an art chronicles the miner’s life, I think that was anything besides colorful. However, there is a parallel between them, with the other one being the “particle of the larch”: “the same larch structure, it is part of the vineyards of North Georgia (about 20 wines create containers of prosecco at the location), you can drink the good life quickly.  


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