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The 9 Cutest Bed-and-Breakfasts in California

Some visitors make the trip to California to hover flat Disneyland rides, eat the hippos at the San Diego Zoo, or soak in L. A. celebrity culture. Someone else seeing California’s quieter, an irkier team: the California Craftsman homes and comfortable balconies, quaint villas and wooded balconies, a sketchy greenery with trees and shrubs and pools. If beginning your days with food on the balcony — and kicking off your nights with vodka in the heat or available champagne in a vine-covered treehouse — sounds like the kind of trip you’re after, you’ll prize your place in one of these nine all-out cute hotels. Situated in locations from Coronado to Calistoga, Santa Monica to Sonoma, These bed-and-breakfasts need A-pluses for elegance, warmth, and homeyness. (Did we note available champagne? Almost everyone has Champagne available.)  

1. The Upham Hotel and Country House in Santa Barbara

The oldest surviving working hotel in Southern California, the Upham Hotel and Country House is a landmark estate (the original construction timeline to 1871) an acre of lawn in the middle of Santa Barbara. It has two separate daughter features: Here’s the Upham shop, containing tiny villas and stylish cabins, and the Country House, a returned Victorian construction only down the street and it works like a classic bed-and-breakfast but has four-poster rooms, French walls, and wood-burning cottages in the beds. Both portion facilities (for food and wine at the time and tea and cookies at the times), the Country House provides a more full-fledged food-service.  

2.1801 First Luxury Inn in Napa, Napa

From its vaulted balcony to its finial-topped cottages, The above Queen Anne Revival estate evokes a turn-of-the-century approach with little lace and frilly. The landmark main house — also there are multiple lawn cabins and a boathouse — has The inviting experience of a private home (even the private reception desk seems to remove any informal hotel feeling). After a meticulous renovation, Napa Inn preserves its historic character, very, a clear parlor with ornate sections, and the eight luxurious suites, cottages and soak-worthy bathrooms. Cooking breakfast may include hens Benedict with smoked salmon or neighborhood juice topped with handmade cereal and locally sourced pineapple, while a free afternoon happy hour tuples Napa Valley vintages with neighborhood chorizo or other delicious nibbles.

3. Hue House Bed and Breakfast Inn in Sacramento

This charming location accommodates partners who wish a charming landmark ambience near the city of Sacramento. Hue House’s two two-story homes — a 1905 Craftsman and an 1895 Colonial Revival — provide a delightful step back in time. Elegant but convenient rooms are supplied with great souvenirs, carpet, glass, and Mission-style leather chairs. The foodies breakfast changes daily and can be enjoyed in The 10 individually designed beds, in the nice dining room, or on the protected balcony. Fully responsive to outfit each host, Pre-breakfast tea and coffee can be brought to beds on request. Available vodka is Available in the place, Art beverages are available for purchase.  

4. Yorkshire Cat Inn in Santa Barbara

This beautiful inn consists of five houses — two apartments from the 1880s and four villas built in the 1940s — focused around a peaceful lawn with wooded inn, built by a small, stone wall, but it’s still suitable for couples or couples, balcony, waterfall, and chairs, and. The 18 beds are designed in an english country design, with florals and sunflowers. A few beds such as the Caterpillar and the White Rabbit have personal terraces, and some others come with cottages and flew baths. Breakfast is provided in the main house and includes a warm pasta and entry to a small brunch with Schlocky Hungry Eggs, English pastries, pizza, and cold cuts. Breakfast Housekeeping also is accessible. An available night Champagne hour takes place in the main building, muffins were fixed at dinner.

5.1906 Lodge, Four Sisters Inn in Coronado

What started as an early 20th-century dormitory for flight colleges has been one of the friendliest accommodation in Coronado. The main building is a charming plaster building with large windows and a large balcony with wicker furniture. Coconut plants, plant species, and pools on the garden compensate for the lodge-like rooms, where there are timber ceiling beams, wooden floors with fabric carpet, and a brick fireplace. The lodge’s past is experienced in its 17 spacious rooms, which have vintage hits like Tiffany Lighting or wrought-iron mattresses.  

6. Route Wine Inn in Calistoga

A 1912 Craftsman cottage has been adjusted to develop this friendly bed-and-breakfast. In the front room, a fireplace, Oriental blanket, upholstered wooden panels and black boots Mission-style decor brings the snugness inside, 20th-century atmosphere. Five bedrooms are designed with similar furniture in arts and crafts style, some of the washrooms are a little uncomfortable. A home balcony and treehouse make nice ledges for inhaling the Napa Valley atmosphere and savoring the scenery. Wine Way’s expansive food arrives with clean pastries and pastries, plus items on the menu like omelets and handmade cereal. Landlord Gillian Kite is the author of this book “Inn Food Seasonal Breakfasts in the Wine Country” and provides cooking that requires scavenging for flavors in Sonoma County.  

7. Channel Road Inn – A Four Sisters Inn in Santa Monica

a few minutes from the seaside, Channel Road Inn is an appealing 1910 Colonial Revival estate with a cozy feel and era information, like the wood side entrance and a furnace starring style Batchelder hexagons. The snug country-house design plays to The 15 beds, Many of them have cottages and lawns. Some of them have private balconies or terraces. The breakfast buffet includes porridge, bakery –, and goods like waffles, omelette, and French bread. Breakfast delivery is offered at an additional cost. Champagne is Available!, meal, and pastries are provided in the times, and Starbucks, coffee machine, wet, and beverages available 24 hours a day in the dining room.  

8. An Inn 2 – Remember in Sonoma

Even the name is nice! An Inn 2 Remember is a homey location in downtown Sonoma with country-chic rooms. The six rooms at The Inn feature airy, French style design, hello meals, and Wi-Fi is available, many rooms have fireplaces filled with lamps and private covered balconies. The Rooms lack tea- and coffee-making facilities, a balcony and treehouse with a collectible coffee machine. Guests can choose between the treehouse or a sunlit dining room for breakfast, which includes things like bread pudding, quiche, and eggs sandwich. Side handouts include rental bicycles and discounts for champagne flavours at proximity wines.

9. Inn on Castro in San Francisco

The Inn at Castro is found on a tree-lined road covered with pastel-hued Victorian and edwardian apartments. Created in the 1890s, The cottage has a cosy loungeroom with Italian unit sofas and a furnace, greenery with lots of lovely trees, and an upper-floor patio providing scenic views over the town. Eight guest rooms and three condominiums are surrounded by a brilliant and quirky design, but not all have bathrooms. Condos have restaurants and rooms. The superstar breakfast is served in The dining room around a collectible bar, and includes a scattering of fresh fruit, French bread, pastries, hens, ready in several directions, freshly made juice, coffee, and low. The server is very friendly and helpful in The area, Which brings to the personal touch now.


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