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The 8 Best Locations for a Destination Wedding on a Budget

The offer may have come as a surprise, but then what is really, really important is how much more that arising wedding goes to offer you. Whether you’ve stated otherwise “I do” had already happened, stayed at the temple as a member of a wedding party, or just went to a destination wedding, You know how expensive it can be — but if you’ve overlooked it, the father of the wife is more prepared to tell you again. But this doesn’t mean you need to reduce your fantasies of getting married overlooking the ocean or in a mountain hideaway. We did our research and found six great places where you can have a beautiful destination wedding on a budget.


Belize provides guests extra variety as your run-of-the-mill beach destination, and airfares are almost the same as these few you may consider the best wedding places including Mexico. Not only does Belize feature long beaches, seaside and on land, but it’s both a residence to lovely cac03, Mayan destroys, and the largest barrier reef in the world. And when you’re here now, it’s just too, right, it’s convenient enough to save a few of those grass — then go grass, For that issue. Belize has a really handful of cheap mega-resorts, but instead is patterned by eco-lodges and hotels where room-and-board could be inexpensive — if you’re willing to give up some of those, you can go ahead and choose a beach vacation “luxuries” including air-conditioning and Wi-Fi. Additional bonuses? Fish being a local specialty, It’s much cheaper than here in the States, so you can convince invitees with a fish meal for lots less.

Where to Wed?: The landlords of Portofino Beach Resorts have been assisting laid-back brides for over a century to schedule laid-back vacations in Cababas.

Destination, FL

If your mind is on a beach wedding, Selecting a region will certainly help you (and your visitors) protect you from the harm caused by your actions, Destin is a great choice for budget-friendly weddings. Less expensive than Florida destinations including Miami and Panama City Beach, Destin provides a quieter, quainter atmosphere and prices that are cheap no matter the weather.


Vermont, with its lovely communities and scenery, perhaps your best bet for a back to nature experience, budget-friendly ceremony. Can you fully view yourself masquerading for the pre- or post-wedding pictures with the falling River, creamy, and gorgeous opinions, quest no more. The state’s tiny, Comfortable hotels and B & Bs are great for comfortable brides and tiny gatherings, the grass gardens and the high hills create great cultures once you repeat your promises. You might have to hire a shuttle service to get your visitors, Burlington’s is the only major airport offering the entire situation, but the landscape you’ll find subsequently is well worth it — and the price of travel compares favorably as for what you’d charge to do the same at various other side sites.

Sedona, AZ

Sedona is becoming increasingly popular for brides, not only because it’s more affordable than someone who lives nearby, and because of its gorgeous desert-meets-forest landscape. Sedona’s beautiful red stones are the perfect setting for the wedding especially at night, and the various resorts in the region offer everything a few might need before the wedding, throughout, and after their ceremony day. From trips to Red Rocks to guided tours to Sedona’s ruins “vortexes” (mol of divine electricity) and great shopping, Here’s all for guests to do here that visitors might possibly be even more happy to accept a few days off to enjoy your wedding.

Where to wed?: One of the best value resorts in Sedona, Bell Rock Inn might help you and your visitors save money — and have more fun!it lingers on gorgeous Highway 179 in the Village of Oak Creek.

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic often creates rankings of cheap seaside locations. Not only is it relatively easy to get around — with direct flights departing from the U. S. S. Every day Europe is filled with all-inclusive attractions, some of them offer cheap packages. Plus, if you want a big rig it will cost you almost $1,500!, easy for partners on a tight budget, maximum ceremony weather drops mostly during the D. R. Weather, which means cheaper planes, cheaper room rates, and a much more peaceful restaurant atmosphere for your large day. Certain aspects, June through September are very warm and monsoons are very rare, and storms are possible in the months to come, but c ‘mon, What’s the chance for??!

Savannah, GA

Savannah, MA, fixed in 1773, it is one of the best preserved places in the South; the many preparing a vintage, traditional wedding might find Savannah to be their perfect match. With its beautiful landmark villas, lovely backstreets and pretty open squares, The city offers a beautiful setting for a large day and is absolutely beautiful, but much less cheap, differences to locations including Charleston. Whereas Savannah is really not understood for its fun, It’s illegal to drink outside in the historic downtown location, so you can also accept the post-rehearsal dinner outside if the temperature is good.  

Where to wed?: Certainly not the least expensive B & B in Savannah, Dresser Palmer House has prices which nevertheless generally stay below $ 200/dinner and the grounds are truly lovely. Partners could spend the entire house for a vacation, or opt for the more budget-friendly office box.


It may not have an international runway, but Negril is still convenient and comparatively cheap to get (guests travel into the runway at Montego Bay, but then accept a route), and claims a few of the inexpensive lodgings in Jamaica — which is already among the most cheap of the Caribbean archipelago. Famous for its Seven Mile Beach — one of several lightest and greatest seaside in the state — Negril is a popular destination weddings, partners and visitors can also save money here in many ways: Not only are the room rates cheap (The area was home to a quirky hodgepodge of guesthouses on the ocean, seaside cabins, and psychedelic villas), public transportation seems handy, Peaceful, cheap and easy to use, and then you can find good fish at nearly all the hole-in-the-wall places along the beach.

Lake Tahoe, CA

Lake Tahoe is perhaps best known for its winter brides, but around 300 days of sun yearly, a large variety of resorts, and lots to do for the location make it a decent choice for a budget-friendly destination wedding, very. Partners could suggest a compromise “I do not!” against the scenery of several important beautiful lakes in the usa. S, retain the welcome in an elegant mountain lodge-style facility, but then purchase their first days as a married couple walking the area’s scenery rides — together for a particularly reasonable price. It is a great choice for San Franciscans especially, the car took only three or four hours.

Where to wed?: The Olympic Village offers various places to watch awed, including the quiet lawn at the Olympic Village Inn.


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