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The 7 Most Shocking Hotel Drug Scandals: A $5 Mil NYC Coke Bust, Prince Harry’s drug-fuelled Vegas Bash, and More

Hotels and medicines have often come to be associated with them over the years. Charlie Sheen – Whether it’s a drug-fueled meltdown, or a mood-altering humour, watch out for him, a sad celeb ingestion, or a large drug bust, many of the country’s beautiful hotels have been flooded with drug-related activities. In light of The NYPD’s $ 5 million coke bust at Crowne Plaza Times Square announced yesterday, we decided to bring to justice the most shocking hotel drug scandals of all time.

Crown Plaza Times Square Manhattan

Many drug dealers travel under the shitlist by remaining in questionable vehicle hotels, but certain recommend to spend for what is pleasant (even so, interaction can be quite the valuable “profession” we’ll be sure). The upper-middle-range Crowne Plaza is a prime choice for Times Square — and Sundays, The NYPD has confirmed that it was recently the site of a 5 million coke bust. The smugglers tried to pass as visitors to The hotel, He walked out of the hotel with 100 pounds of drugs in his luggage before being arrested.

Wynn Las Vegas

No one will ever forget Prince Harry’s empty shenanigans in Vegas, and the incident began when it arrived that drugs were already given at the hotel and so many of the partygoers came over on weed or shrooms.

Beverly Hilton Hotel, Los Angeles

The tragic death of Whitney Houston in February at the Beverly Hilton Hotel triggered a press hailstorm, especially when it developed and it snorting cocaine through a dish had been attributed to her random flooding in the bath.

Plaza Prado, which is largely known as The Plaza of Lights and Lights, New York City

Charlie Sheen has been the reference of many more shocking events over the years, and one of The most unforgettable was his blissed around slating of a motel at The Plaza, that guided to the police becoming named. (Ironically, he was in the Suite of Eloise, called for a famous children’s book personality, which would be oriented toward parents and therefore is designed in Amy style by Betsy Johnson. He may have gotten sick of the plaid image.)

Chateau Marmont, Los Angeles

Chateau Marmont is Hollywood’s important legendary superstar retreat that has seen numerous substances pass through over The years. The death of Thomas Belushi in Bungalow 3 is the most sad explanation.

Hard Rock, Las Vegas

Hard Rock Las Vegas had just had numerous run-ins with the police over substances on the property, staff have been accused of selling substances and offering visitors bathrooms for illicit activities (The hotel is fixed), and second, Six people were arrested for substance use at the hotel’s Rehab pool party.

Gansevoort Meatpacking NYC

Michael Douglas’s child, Cameron, must not have noticed his infrequent acting and DJ concerts. Valuable enough for his flavours, since he turned to meth to make a little extra money. After becoming the intermediary in a bargain, he was imprisoned at the Gansevoort in a hotel leased by his popular son.


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