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The 7 Best Cities in The World for Alternative Diets

As the global city gets increasingly aware of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle (and what would donate to an unhealthy lifestyle), companies around the world are taking the plate and offering foodservice options to satisfy the growing demand for alternative meals. Now at Oyster, our employees have different dietary requirements, ensure we know the amount of research that can go into to make sure you know where you can feed once you’re moving. So we started gathering a list of the most welcoming cities for our special diet audience; if you eliminate gliadin, followed vegetarian rules, These are the 7 top cities to visit in the world!

Portland, Oregon -‘

Portlandia enthusiasts are probably familiar with the now-famous neighborhood egg monologue where another Portland few asks apparently one million questions about the specific eggs they’re about to request, that transformed out to be called Colin — or the equally-funny rhinitis pride parade concept. But in reality, Portland is truly one of the best cities in the world for vegan and vegetarian restaurants equally. Here are a ton of g-free bread rooms, cake, food stalls with vegan and vegetarian choices. Attempted around Harlow in Southeast Portland, known for its yummy gluten-free buffet choices, such as the Lemon Babycakes: Lemon flowers inoculum cereal waffles with cherry coula, lemon nut lotion, cane sugar, and an option of milk or vegetarian bread… Pleeeease!

Our Hotel Picks: Hotel Vintage Plaza, A Kimpton Hotel

Denver, Colorado

Denver has prestige and is a healthy city, involved, a dynamic town with beautiful scenery and an entertainment heritage. Residents experience walking, biking or otherwise enjoying the city’s vibrant arts and crafts heritage. And fortunately for alternative diets, is actually great basically, but it also has a ton of choices for vegan and vegetarian eating, as well as those who are allergens to gliadin. Try out True Food Kitchen, where there is a great breakfast, prepared with choices like the “Inside Out” Quinoa Burger; It’s g-free and vegan, and therefore is provided with hummus, tzatziki, fruit, salad, shallot, fruit, and mozzarella. If you have a sweet tooth Today, Beet Box Bakery & Café is 100 % vegetarian and it has tons of g-free choices, like the desserts with toasted almonds and garlic icing.  

Our Hotel Picks: Crowne Plaza Denver

London, England

When you think London, you may consider drinking tea, jams and puree, and fries. But London currently covers PETA’s select of vegetarian-friendly towns. With lots of vegan restaurants popping up around the town, and an excess of ethnic food eateries and plenty of veggie choices, London has a solid vegan heritage that keeps getting better. Can you find yourself in London but want to try out the veggie travel, we suggest The Gate, one of London’s most popular vegan eateries. Enjoy with the Mushroom Stuffed Gnocchi!, baked with pizza ricotta, au cours é rique vegetables and fungi, sighed vegetables, and sauce. Or, if you’re really thirsty, They offer up a fantastic Middle Eastern dinner plate with handmade roti.

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Watch Our Video on London’s Best Spots for High Tea!

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai is the northwest heritage investment of Thailand, but it has tons of delish, Natural vegetarian options. In reality, you can rarely move 20 feet in Chiang Mai’s old city without seeing numerous veg-friendly eateries. One of the best things about veg travel in Chiang Mai is that you surely don’t just have to commit to whatever difficulty in taste. Available Bird Caf is one of our favourites in Chiang Mai; it is clean, Burmese/Thai condensation. Try the Soi Chao; It’s a northwest Thai uniqueness that the cafe may especially love. Khao Soi is a soup-like sauce made with a mix of deep-fried noodles and fried rice, yummy egg noodles and boiled egg pasta, pickled veggies, scallions, vegetables, Color, floor chilli -, a curry sauce made with coconut milk. Bird has many gluten-free options and also has a variety of vegetarian options, But Blue Diamond Breakfast Club has so much more variation.

Our Hotel Picks!: U Chiang Mai;

Dublin, Ireland

Ireland has the largest percentage of Celiac Disease in the world, sure Dublin eateries make sure there’s plenty of other choices for all. Can you feed gluten-free and are moving to Dublin, don’t stress — you actually don’t have to live close out on their legendary fries. Beschoffs provides damage, gluten-free fries that everyone can enjoy; the oysters are ready in different oil with flour baserunner. Multiple excellent gluten-free eateries on The town are Opium and The Farm, Delivering Thai/Vietnamese and Irish meals with intercontinental themes, as between.  

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