TravelThe 5 Sunniest Places in The U. S. S.

The 5 Sunniest Places in The U. S. S.

Summer is still here, you’re probably looking for fun in the sun. For numerous visitors, that means a trip to the seaside, but if you are looking for the sunniest places in the United States, you’re going to want to leave the shores. Reference to information from the World Meteorological Society, here are the five sunniest places in the country.

1. Yuma, Arizona

This small city is a property of the outliers. Not only is it the sunniest location in America (with a mean of 4,015 hours of sunshine annually, Out of 8 based on: 661 ratings. 3 reviews, 760 days), but it’s also the wettest. Hey, and it is the place with the largest number of days that reach nearly 90 degrees annually. If you are curious, that amount is 175 days. Sure. But here’s more than enough sunshine for such longing Vitamin D, guests should have been sure to keep nourished in such extreme conditions.

2. Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix is Just under a three-hour car ride from Yuma, which beeps approximately every 3 times, 863 hours of sunshine each and every year. Like its remote friend, The city is generally warmer there are more than 100 days of temperatures exceeding 100 degrees. In reality, in June 2017, it was so warm in Phoenix that the planes were based there.

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3. Una Vegas, Nevada

Sin City might have more than enough neon lights to entertain the Strip hours a day, but there’s a fair amount of sunshine, very — 3,8.25 hours annually. Top temps variations depending on weather. The heating in The summer, it’s near an average high of 104 degrees in July, might be intolerable to these (tho, there are always luxurious pool parties to experience!), but the average increase is a gentle 57 degrees in December.

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4. Tucson, Arizona

It’s probably safe to say that Arizona is the sunniest place in America, Tucson is now in the top five. It receives an average of 3 p, 806 hours of sunshine yearly, but because of its higher elevation, it’s colder than Phoenix and Yuma. June is often the hottest month with an average increase with only 100 degrees — Phoenix and Yuma both typically 106 degrees in July.

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5. Como Paso, Texas

Moving farther northward, we come across the correctly named Sun City, which gets 3,763 hours of sunshine each year. Yearly rains are less than 10 inches, there are usually over 300 days of sun. Como Paso is considerably colder than the other towns on the ranking here, with all of its typical peaks busting 100 degrees June also strikes 96.


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