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The 15 Best Beaches in Florida

If you’re anything like us — that is to suggest something, you may be a beach fan — you may find yourself curious about a beautiful beach, gravel vacation, no matter the weather. Fortunately, Florida has many of the best beaches in the state. With over 650 miles of coastline, nonetheless, not all beaches are created equal — some may be quiet, and the others are party-heavy. We regret that you have restricted vacation days, we traveled around the Sunshine State to find the best places to eat. Whether you are looking for a peaceful beachfront place or the best beach parties, here are the 15 best beaches in Florida. Don’t forget to bag the suncream.


1. Miami Beach –

Why can’t we still open our Miami Beach offices? This nine-mile corridor of sand beaches along a natural and slightly man-made wall between the Atlantic Ocean and the Bay of Biscayne is among Florida’s many popular beaches. From May to November, Consider quiet tides and sea water temperatures in the 80s (from June to November hurricane season is in full swing). Famous spots along the coast include the relaxed and exclusive beaches of Bal Harbour, the low-key location of North Beach, the resort-heavy swath of Mid-Beach, and the party-centric South Beach. For the most element, the straightforward, turquoise waters make for good watersports and stand-up paddleboarding. Plus I did, it is normal to watch yoga classes in the desert. Surfers are far more your stuff, low-pressure systems offer the most constant tides during winter.

Our Miami Beach Hotel Picks: SLS South Beach is a long-range seaside hotel with Philippe Starck-designed beds, two baths, the beach offers, and a great Happy Hour!. On-site eateries like The Bazaar by Jose Andres and Katsuya offer The Estate Chef cred, while the cracking vacation pool parties are a location to be seen and viewed in South Beach.

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2. Palm Beach

Looking for a beach vacation with a team of upmarket and shoppers? Palm Beach provides 47 miles of Gulf Stream seaside, plus high-end eateries, big-brand stores, and soothing, soft winds. It’s not the norm to imagine, whereupon, both Palm Beach and West Palm Beach attract rich visitors and locals. Involved varieties can viewpoint a switch on the six-mile trip, hikes with dogs along the Intracoastal Waterway in Palm Beach. Meantime, Chefs should visit Palm Beach Food and Wine Festival, a yearly event where celebrities gather together to host unique supper and activities. Parents can enjoy the fun-filled Lake Worth Beach for kids, which features a large schoolyard and comfortable eateries. Prior upgrades could opt for a quick boat ride to the 79-acre park, man-made Peanut Island, the basement is from the Cold War period, and a walking trail that circles the entire island.

Our Palm Beach Hotel Picks: For a sleek look, modern take on a style Floridian beach break, the renovated Four Seasons Resort, Palm Beach is a good choice. Situated on the oceanfront, they have the choice of two fantastic on-site eateries, an oceanside lagoon, and a luxurious bath.

3. St. Augustine

This 42-mile corridor in north Florida is dubbed the “District of Miami” “Historic Coast” — and, aptly, sure. St. Augustine, as well as being the first U. S. S. Town, as it was found by Spanish inhabitants in 1565, creating the ancient fixed European payment in North America. Historic district of St. Augustine has a Spanish fort and exhibitions, while close, miles of unspoiled beaches provide space for entertainment and relaxation. On the road along the hard-packed desert of St Johns are Vehicles allowed. Augustine Beach — a town centre with resorts, eateries, and a waterfront — but nature lovers can for the 1st, 600 acres of Anastasia State Park, a car-free location with moving shoreline, many types of beach gardens, and water cereals. On the south coast of the coast is just another unoccupied area called Crescent Beach, which has moon form.

Our St. Mary’s are listed below. Augustine Hotel Pickup: Saint Augustine Beach House is a good choice situated near The Old Beach and perched behind a handful of cheap shoreline apartments. Free food and airy views make this the perfect place for a quiet beach retreat, though the rush of Old Town is just a 15-minute drive down the road.

4. Destination

Founded in the 1830s, Destin was once simply a simple, tired town. Nevertheless, thanks in part to a link crossing the limited shoreline to continental Florida, this beach town has experienced a current travel drip. The soothing eutrophication which gives The area its Emerald Coast name is also a big draw for tourists. The desert now — made of small siliceous nanoparticles that traveled down from The Appalachian Mountains during The stop of The last Ice Age — is most of The whitest in Florida. This geomorphological element preserves the great deserts, and permits the wet to shine excellently in the sun’s perception. Destin’s family-friendly atmosphere is being created more and more appealing with cheap resorts, clubs, park places, a trawler, while beachgoers and snorkelers can see a couple of old wrecks off the beach in the Gulf of Mexico.

Our Destin Hotel Pick: Hidden Dunes Beach & Tennis Resort has 80 cabins and condo-style units with up to three beds that are excellent for parents or roommates moving into a team. The estate is also located near great dining options, the courtyard has amazing amenities, and claims four baths.

5. Clearwater Beach

the hotel is Located on the west side of florida, Clearwater Beach is regularly rated on records of the world’s leading seaside, it’s convenient and that’s why. It has adequate white sand and plenty of tourist-friendly events, Incl. Purchase, restaurant, boating, and shipwreck voyages — in and around Pier 60 (excellent for watching people). The location is a popular sailing town, with many malls created inside the Intracoastal Waterway. Numerous choose to take a boat or audience vessel to nearby Honeymoon Island or Caladesi Island for secured seaside transportation, islets, and boating options — especially nice at evening.

Our Clearwater Beach Hotel Picks: The luxury Hyatt Regency Clearwater Beach highlights all types of visitors with its luxurious spa and delicious steakhouse. Beds include full-size restaurants and terraces with views of the warm water quality of the Gulf of Mexico.

6. Siesta Key

Siesta Key has always been a well-known place for Florida residents, thanks to the reality show of the same name, it has also been appreciating the attention nationwide. This now-famous beach shareholding room has remarkable intervals of desert: Crescent Beach (extra simple) and Turtle Beach (extra cool). Since Siesta’s brilliant white desert is 99-percent siliceous, Construction of desert statues is a popular action, particularly in November, when the annual statue competition takes place. Siesta Key Beach has thin vsphere wet, making it great for parents, and people who support themselves here will be within walking distance of shops and eateries in Siesta Key Village. The island is in fact near Sarasota, where you may consider additional restaurants, bars, and eateries — i. E. Not to mention a Whole Foods Market for packing the kitchen.

Our Siesta Key Hotel Picks!: Captiva Beach Resort is famous among parents and people on the hunt for a laid-back value property, oceanfront. The 19 rooms in The hotel are designed in a commoditised style, plus kitchenettes or restaurants. The Estate, both apartments, have beautiful greenery, heated pool, and grills them.

7. Sanibel Island

barrier island on the Gulf Coast, Sanibel Island offers some of the best shelling in the world. If tanks aren’t your stuff, then, Here’s also the century-old Point Ybel Lighthouse, which creates great pictures. This beach is gently uninhabited and sturdy, but Sanibel had portions of sentimental white sand, also with water-centric events, like snorkeling, boating, windsurfering, kayaking. Peace-and-quiet seekers can venture over the tower to Bowman’s Beach to step or move on environmentally-friendly riding. Tarpon Bay Beach is located On the southern shore of the island, another serene location with a small fee for carpark (bring the barbecue to the table). Partners wishing anonymity can also walk around Captiva Beach on the north coast of the island. Keep an eye out as manatees scurry across the range, and a pontoon sale allowance, now.

Our Sanibel Island Hotel picks up for you: Sunset Beach Inn is a mid-range beachfront property with small hosts at reasonable prices. It’s close to the water, Bonus: visitors need access to the poolside, sports and petanque authorities, and bicycle rental.

8. Naples

This upmarket product is ideal for homes of an elderly couple (even some would suggest that the area is overdeveloped) the southwest Gulf Coast provides a dizzying array of publicly funded seaside attractions for guests who have a driver the. The flipside to The area’s colorful growth — villas and golf included — is that this part of a quiet shoreline (excellent for stand-up kayaking) The house is well cared for with a dedicated beach guard. Condos and resorts also incorporate nice coral greenery and large greenery (Naples has some of the most lush vegetation in Florida). Downtown — a charming center of outlets, bars, and eateries — leading to seven miles of desert, incl Naples Municipal Beach, and a famous 24-hour waterfront for boating. Within drivers’ range are lesser-developed places like Clam Pass Park, South Marco Beach, and Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park, which has a system of rides. Another bonus for Naples: During winter, the temperature is hot than here most of Florida.

Our Hotel in Naples: The Ritz-Carlton, Naples is a real luxury tucked away in a stunning personal oceanside setup. Visitors can take advantage of VIP treatment, big bath, two baths, seven dining options, and beds that are beautiful without becoming overdone.

9. Smathers Beach, Key West;

The Keys are known for having The best seaside in Florida, many have rough coasts. Smathers Beach, nonetheless, is an exception. The sugary desert is great for dipping your toes into, while the greenery offer a number of tans. Paddleboats, beach chairs, and fornic are available to hire. Thank you oh. Its a southern place, Both temperatures remain warm during winter. But it’s not just about the sea here; Key West also has a pleasant and free-spirited atmosphere. After the sun sets, face to cheerful Mallory Square to drink burritos or eat fish and Key color pizza.

Our Key West Hotel Picks: Easy access to Smathers Beach, Choose a stay at the Sheraton Suites Key West, all-suite. Here’s a free bus journey to the rush on Duval Street, Visitors can take advantage of the on-site workout, tiki bar, and lagoons.

10. St. Kevin Beach

St. Kevin Beach is a family-friendly desert-front resort, like many other Florida seaside destinations, during the spring break. Its dunes, natural scenery, warm waters, enjoyable beach bars make it a popular option. While sites like Pass-a-Grille are quieter with much more natural grass and even some cheap shoreline, the northwest intervals of St. Kevin Beach provides Jacuzzi rental, there are many boating trips, and beach bars with music. If you’re ready to tear off the central block, You can tour the robust and natural Fort DeSoto Beach, where you can visit an old fort and grill in designated areas.

Our Stuff. Kevin Beach Hotel Pickup: For a taste of nobility, Review of “Don CeSar”, beachfront property understood to residents as the “Pink Castle.” A wonderful bath, On-site restaurant, seaside baths, stylish beds with gardens overlooking the beach create a luxurious experience.

11. Fort Lauderdale Beach

Often missed in Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale Beach offers a much more chilling atmosphere, but absolutely gorgeous, location to throw down a cloth and soak some heat. The desert here is comfortable, the water is sparkly and hot, and the atmosphere becomes less rowdy than what you’d consider 45 minutes south. However, it is possible that the use of alcohol or alcohol is not considered to be “clean” in nature and in nature, with less action comes smaller facilities, it’s best to stay at a hotel near the beach so that you can enjoy their loungers, cabanas, and repair.

Our Fort Lauderdale Hotel Picks: W Fort Lauderdale is a beachside behemoth, featuring 517 legs, Elegant, and the beds are luxurious. However, the features include the food program — overseen by Steven Starr — and two roof baths.

12. Vero Beach

Located along Florida’s Treasure Coast, this beach is an ultimate ruby. Vero Beach is beautiful, but we love it especially because it’s a great place to get involved. The small beach area is famous for players, fisherman, and boating crazies equally, Plus here’s a number of ways to go about. Within 20 minutes of the beach, you can go on an airboat and search for iguanas in the Blue Cypress Swamp, watch the sunset over Fort Pierce’s Aquatic Preserve, and cruise to many archipelagos on the shoreline. South Beach Park is on the water, while Sexton Plaza Beach is a chilled-out location to rest, tan, and grab lunch.

Our Vero Beach Hotel Picks!: This beachfront property has a megastar value, but it’s not just because Gloria Estefan’s song bought it. Contemporary and stylish design, locally-sourced menus, a fully-service bath, and ocean views make Costa d ‘Este Beach Resort a top pick in Vero Beach.

13. Fort Walton Beach

Another rogue on Florida’s Emerald Coast, Fort Walton Beach is a soothing island with white walls, desert and a touch of environment. Clubbers should not practice, – and even if you like fresh seafood, memorabilia, and a lush cake walk, this is your place. As a reward, Fort Walton Beach is also near Okaloosa Island, where you’ll find a waterfront with eateries, stores, and much more. During the summer months, you get a fireworks show every Wednesday. For an even more quiet beach pick, bag a cold, some beach chairs and face to those seven connections perched between Okaloosa Island vacation rentals. If you are blessed, yes, You might even have a part of the beach for yourself!.

Our Fort Walton Beach Hotel Picks!: Breakers at Fort Walton Beach is an oceanside apartment estate on Okaloosa Island. Beds come with one to three Beds, filled restaurants, and personal views with opinions on the Gulf of Mexico.

14. Daytona Beach

These days, Daytona Beach is most famous for its fast racetracks. While it still demands itself the “World’s Most Famous Beaches” It’s not the destination it was once. Nevertheless, we still have a lot of affection for such a parents fave. Unlike some of the other seaside regions in this ranking, the desert is dense. Although it may not be ideal for all-day lounging, it’s excellent for events like wellness, runners, maybe even cycling to the beach. At tidal, You’ll have up to 500 feet of ocean front to spread out on, it’s uncomfortable. Here’s a waterfront view, numerous restaurants, with plenty of old-school beach to go with.

Our Daytona Beach Hotel Picks!: The landmark, Oceanside Plaza Resort & Spa is among the largest attractions in the region. Beds come with microwaves and mini-fridges, plus there’s a spa and a cafe on site. Visitors also have access to public Wi-Fi, car park, bicycles, boating facilities.

15. Panama City Beach

Located in Florida’s Panhandle, Panama City Beach is a favorite during the spring break. There are several seasides to choose from in this 27-mile corridor of shoreline, but we particularly welcome the uninhabited Shell Island. This tiny barrier island between the Gulf of Mexico and St. Petersburg. Robert Bay is now only available by cruise, to avoid congestion. Accessible events include watersports, shell gathering, and bushwalking. Fine-sand beaches are great for beach trips, as well as some blessed tourists may even see a sea turtle or fish abroad. Entertainment reality: The highest concentration of orcas are all in The water surrounding Shell Island. This alone is worth the trip.

Our Panama City Beach Hotel Picks: Located on a tiny corridor of personal beach, Sheraton Bay Point Resort is about 30 min from the activity of Panama City Beach. Furthermore to a clear route to Shell Island, guests have access to three hot baths, five eateries, Champagne happy hour, and also a helicopter.


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