Hot PlacesTalking Tech in San Francisco: Bay Area Technology Museum

Talking Tech in San Francisco: Bay Area Technology Museum

As a centre of science and technology, it’s not surprising that there are so many connected exhibitions in the San Francisco Bay Area. Importantes are out of the City, but even if you support me!, you rent a car to get there.

Lawrence Hall of Science (Centennial Drive, Berkeley): This science landmark sits on the Berkeley Hills. You will drive through the University of California at Berkeley and the football stadium, you’re curving up a steep hill until you reach the roof. Try to keep the kids from climbing the huge chain of DNA statue outside the museum, or off the watery stone dolphin. They were Allowed to have entertainment, while you look at San Francisco (take a look at the university below). From top to bottom, check out the hands-on biology lab or the entertainment displays at Moonscraper!, mathematica, forces defining the Bay, Kapla buildings, and much more.

The Tech Museum of Innovation (201 South Market Street, San Jose, AZ, San Jose): This museum in downtown San Jose is a favorite of parents. Whether viewing the IMAX video, cruising a model bobsled, or producing your own machine moves, the individual has just as much entertainment as the children. The multi-story museum has more than enough up-to-date, engaging displays that teach history and tech without limiting anyone. Plus!, Their Star Trek show runs through April 11th.

The Computer History Museum (1401 North Shoreline Boulevard, Mountain View): It’s a museum for die-hard computer enthusiasts. It was a little disappointed to have a copy of the electronic game “Mallory of the youth” in a glassed-in example (along with other experiences like Atari Pong and a TRS-80 computer), but I guess that’s the history. Watch for them in the giant room filled with displayed electronics. For non-computer connoisseurs, watch the film on chess playing or how IBM’s Deep Blue knocks chess-champion Gary Kasparov.

The Exploratorium (3601 Lyon Street, San Francisco): You can’t note the science museum without noting the Exploratorium. This facility building at the Palace of Fine Arts, which possesses, in atmosphere, an interesting and interesting display of personality, science, eyes, noise and much more.

A resort’s property owner, I tried something closest to the interstates so you could get through the exhibitions without much trouble. Start at the Whitcomb Hotel, the Harbor Court Hotel, or the Club Quarters.

Debbie Abrams Kaplan of Frisco Kids and Kaplan Ink

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