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Summer Road Trips!: Weekend Getaways from NYC, D. C, L. A, and More!

Summertime is fast-approaching and we can’t wait until the days of top-down coupes, cover-ups and flip-flops dress codes, small weekend getaways. After all, what’s up, what’s there, a portion can be excellent but here’s something like an unexpected trip to the beach to make it feel like summer. Yes whether your home is New York or Los Angeles, D. C. Or San Francisco, and perhaps even Boston, we have a beach location which can be accessed easily via a fast trip. Pick up a location, your worn clothes, as well as some road trippin ‘snacks, and create your exit!

Weekend getaways from New York City: Montauk

Travel period: 2 hours, 30 minutes via car

It may seem overused, but here’s a reason why Manhattanites come to the Hamptons summer. Apartments to upscale restaurants, stylish exercise venues, kitschy stores, and naturally, beautiful beaches, it provides a pleasant relief from overcrowding and pollution of the city while preserving that great ambiance (but sometimes pretentious) city feeling. Montauk, situated at the far suggestion, nevertheless, has a more laid-back experience; Citizens fear that a recent influx of tourists might tarnish its understated prestige, for now it’s a nice change from the ultra-exclusive feeling of all the other Hamptons.

Weekend escape from Los Angeles: Santa Barbara

Travel periods: 1 hour, 30 minutes by driver

it’s probably just a short drive from Los Angeles, but Santa Barbara feels the world is back — but has an opportunity for everyone. For best wines, Beautiful beaches, the popular hiking location, Mission Canyon, a well-reputed animal, and the landmark Mission-style design it is understood for, The above city has a small town feel that creates for a soothing getaway.

Weekend away from Washington!, D. C.: Virginia Beach

Travel period: 3.0 hours, 15 minutes by driver

Virginia Beach is a large military area, and you’ll see too many vehicles drywall with placards that review “I love jet noise” as your attitude is. But the city has so much to provide besides the submarine past — though obviously enough. The waterfront is covered by a number of restaurants, ranging from fine dining to burger joints, and the seaside is good and excellent for surfers, with tons of surfers contests throughout the summer weather.

Weekend Getaway from San Francisco: Monterey

Travel periods: 2 hours with driver

Many people remember Monterey from the author John Steinbeck, and how to discuss a genuine love for such a coastal town, as he demonstrated through his renowned “bildungsroman”. Visitors enter the city via the twisting Highway 1, that shows the rough coastline, lionfish, and delightful smoky shoreline and Northern California is understood for its pristine shoreline. The seaside town claims beachfront, the roof, and a cheerful waterfront with stores and food stands.

Weekend escapes from Boston: Cape Cod

Travel periods: 1 hour, 15 minutes by driver

Ask somebody from Boston and they’ll probably tell you that Cape Cod is a little slice of heaven right here on earth — sure it’s neither a question so here’s our top pick for a mini-getaway. As one of the nation’s important legendary beach resort vacation spots, There’s really no shortage of action from all walks of life. From the social services and cheerful fun of Provincetown to the tired New England elegance of Chatham and everything in between, it’s not difficult to understand why people come back.


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