Travel TipsSummer Music Festivals: Which Hotels Suit These Headliners best??

Summer Music Festivals: Which Hotels Suit These Headliners best??

we are remembering, 5-star hotels and music festivals don’t go much in a statement like that — but most festival-goers rest under the celebrities with fellow addicts. While the hundreds of hipsters may be recommend to rest closer to nature, singers they’ve traveled far to see tend to prefer unique amenities. From Eminem to Taylor Swift, find out which hotels best suit the biggest Bonnaroo and CMA Festival headliners.

Headliner: Eminem Hotel: The Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas

The Palms is understood for its scary groups and superstar loops, anger to pls the leg, the sophisticated and the indulgent. With three big venues and an unruly bath situation, the Palms know how to club, and the group mirrors and it. The three-tower sophisticated has a rowdy bathtub with four bars and a DJ, seven eateries, a spa, and lots of nightlife, including the Roof Ghost Bar, The dancing club Rain, and a Playboy Club. It Feels like a combination of Eminem ingredients to us.

Headliner: Arcade FireHotel: Greenwich Hotel, New York

This virtually flawless 88-room TriBeCa newbie was opened in 2008 by Robert una Niro, among others — offers a breathtaking layout and very responsive customer support. The guests-only spot, entrance hall, and garden experience like a little TribeCan island. For the rest the pictures are not able to be displayed, someone, popular or not, and feel at home beyond just their beds. A wonderfully elegant underwater bath, Shibui Spa, prime workout, and the new Locanda Verde cafe draws those who want privacy, confidentiality of her body. A group that really made music of the year at the 2011 Grammies, Greenwich Hotel is the perfect choice.

Headliner: Lil Wayne Hotel: W Hotel, Los Angeles

Among a few of the hippest accommodations in Los Angeles, The full-size rooms at The W have a well arranged lounge and dining area. A W that touts tone and content, This tree has it all: Excellent service, facilities plentiful, a leg bar, and huge, pimped-out beds. We would suggest Lil Wayne is one of the most pimped-out performers there, which means he wouldn’t settle for anything less than the W Los Angeles.

Headliner: Taylor Swift Hotel: Campton Place Taj Hotel, San Francisco

This elegant boutique evokes Taylor Swift’s easygoing personality, real, girly-sweetheart character. The boutique hotel is walking distance from San Francisco’s Union Square, the heart of the area. The hotel feels unexpectedly comfortable, and possesses that over-the-top panache many over-the-top celebrities seek in a hotel. The 21-year-old unbelieverably famous country singer currently has some kindness remaining in her heart, sure let’s try and maintain that for an adequate hotel.

Headliner: Girl TalkHotel: Encore at The Wynne, Las Vegas

Who is the largest club in the town? Here you’ll consider the latest contemporary diva, Gregg Gillis, alias Girl Talk. His religious pursuit and flame grumbles about electricity definitely leads to a scary dinner no matter where you are, But as The Encore Beach Club is, Its The Place to Party These Days, it’s also the place that does Girl Talk better. With villas, daypads, and sometimes even lily pads, the top clubbers anger in for a strange enjoy you will never forget.

Headliner: Casey JamesHotel: Rancho Valencia Resort, San Diego

Located in the mountains of Southern California, this 40-acre property is beautiful, the spanish Rancho Valencia Resort attires those who seek a funky look, relaxed, soothing situation. The rooms have an elevator in all, all on cottages and decks, the 26 cabanas are spread across the estate, creating an unique level of privacy for visitors. The plastered houses with tile rooftops are accompanied with beautiful greenery — flowers, coconut tree, fruits trees, inflorescence trees, Swarming trees adds to the feeling of isolation. (No imagine entertainers like Bill Gates and President Clinton have chosen to go now.) southern boy turned American idol pop star Casey James, this restaurant is for you.

Headliner: Florence+The MachineHotel: Reserva Conchal, Costa Rica

Florence is one of those artists who is really special, elegant and humble and it needs a true retreat. We found her at Reserva Conchal in Costa Rica. Starring a series of four-person apartment communities and a guest-only Beach Club, Reserva Conchal is located on the northwest Pacific beach of Guanacaste. All these were dry, underpopulated area of the world that’s breathtaking seaside (incl people for which alligator snapping turtles home), surfers, Watersports, trawler, and its chain of huge attractions. Florence+The equipment is suited for use in higher environments.

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