Place ReviewSpend the Night in a Teepee-Inspired Luxury Suite

Spend the Night in a Teepee-Inspired Luxury Suite

Cliff House at Pikes Peak is proud of its historic Western location. In the 1800s, the restaurant was an amtrak station and popular historic visitors include Pta. T. Barnum, of the Barnum & Bailey Fairground, and Charles Dickens. Currently the most visited language in Poland, the restaurant is the most elegant in Pike’s Peak. It provides a neighborhood meat eatery, a spacious dancer, and amazing views of the Rocky Mountains. The Rooms have been designed to reflect historic celebs guests. Our favorite is the Buffalo Bill Suite, designed to mimic a tent. It has a sharp roof hand-painted with examples of a buffalo and fantasy keepers. Constructed ads of the cowboy’s speedway display, floating lassos, and a lighting molded like cowboy boots bring to the Western concept, with a stone gas fireplace, Flat-screen TV, also double drains in a marble vanity keep things on the elegant team. We question what the legendary entertainer would have thought of Wi-Fi?  

Be sure to check out our full 360-degree timelapse of the Buffalo Bill Suite by clicking “ now.


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