Travel GuidesSecond Edition: Restaurants With Views Worth Dining For

Second Edition: Restaurants With Views Worth Dining For

As we have said before, A trip isn’t a trip without delicious food and yummy views. And when you have both, yes, that’s a match made in a culinary paradise. Home in August, we offer you a maximum of five restaurant prices with yummy meals fixed against wonderful props — so now we bring eight extra restaurants to the ranking!. Drilling in!

1. Spacious at the La Reunion Golf Resort & Residences, Guatemala

It doesn’t have to be nice to always have great scenery and delicious food. This comfortable golf resort in Guatemala is surrounded by four mountains, two of them being involved. The Sky Bar and the upscale restaurant also have views of the mountains, we embrace the laid-back, bbq spacious, where restaurants can pickup meat and drink on a juice (the uniqueness of the lounge). On Saturdays, spacious welcomes Guatemalan restaurants and bbq.

2. Cafe at Hotel La Mariposa, Costa Rica

Perched above the Pacific Ocean, La Mariposa has 60 rooms and has the most spectacular beach views from the veranda, bedrooms, and cafes. The open-air café overlooks The ocean and The Manuel Antonio National Park. It’s a particularly lovely location, as partners watch and enjoy the twilight as they eat.

3. POV at the W Washington DC

Standing up for a cause “point of view” POV offers some of the best views of the Capitol including a prime location for checking out the Washington Monument. It’s a popular overnight location for a Champagne supper (Visitors can bridge the velvet rope without an issue), POV provides delicious light snacks during the evenings and weekends, and a famous 3-course Sunday breakfast for one hour’s worth of endless entertainment for the diners option: Bloody Marys, mimosas, bellinis, or margarita.

4. Restaurant at Auberge Du Soleil, Napa Valley

This 50-room Comfort Inn is amongst the most unique of its kind (and cheap) locations in California vineyards, and its Michelin-starred restaurant seems to be a standout. Viewing the vineyard-covered landscape, The restaurant offers the largest wine list in Napa. Restaurants can choose la carte meals, like cart fish paella or sirloin gizzards, or choose from Chef Robert Curry’s six-course appetizer, full with champagne lineups.

5. Aubergine Grill at The Westin Resort Spa, Whistler

It is hard to find a bad view in the hotel; visitors or someone that arrive during the midsummer can find snowy mountains on their beds, and from the on-site eateries. With its patio dining in the summer weather (and dining room with large doors all year round), The Aubergine Grille has all of the best options in Whistler. Parents particularly might enjoy the featured evening, including Fish Fridays and Pizza yummy Saturdays.

6. Restaurant Prete Rosso at Hotel Locanda Vivaldi, Venice

Only clear from April through October, the Prete Rosso Restaurant is unique in its own way. Now, visitors of the hotel could eat whereas viewing the lively city roads, the ponds, and sometimes even Stade. Mark’s Campanile across the wet. Hotel employees provide drinks on the balcony during the evening and weekends.

7. Sierra Mar at the Post Ranch Inn, Big Sur

Sierra Mar offers an unusual element of California gourmet, and it has gained vast applause for its cuisine inventions and also jaw-dropping opinions (especially on a straightforward day). Visitors to the hotel receive a free food buffet at the restaurant, the meal was clear for visitors and non-guests, it comprises a four-course culinary restaurant and it changes daily. An a la carte choice also is available, restaurants have access to the amazing basement of the hotel, which has over 13,000 containers.

8. Place Lounge at the Mandarin Oriental, New York

Located in the 35th hallway, The hotel lounge of the Mandarin Oriental offers beautiful views of Central Park and Columbus Circle. The lounge is a popular place for lunch and margaritas, but visitors can create food out of yummy services including Wagyu meat settings, provided with mozzarella cheese, and “Chicken lollipops” iridinale gel to dissolve into the water, dressing bleu cheese dressing, and crudit é s.


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