Place ReviewSan Francisco Day Tour: Rolling flat Interstate 280

San Francisco Day Tour: Rolling flat Interstate 280

One of the best kept secrets by Bay Area residents, Interstate 280 pairs up well as the fastest transit street but the most lovely Interstate in the area. This flat is available at 19th Avenue. After you complete San Francisco State University, off the city streets, you need to get your car. The speed limit on The I280 is 65 mph, but you’ll see that the residents are moving well.

But don’t travel flat – the pavements sure quickly that you forget the change from metropolis to rolling hills patterned with new trees, beautiful villas, and the infrequent herd of cows. The beautiful views continue south until Cupertino, where the neighborhood market of Silicon Valley attendees along the I680 and into the Milpitas, and become less beautiful and crammed with travelers.

A handful of great places to start involve, from the north to the south (north to south, can you use a guide?):

Crystal Springs Reservoir

The bright Crystal Springs Reservoir shops from The city of San Francisco and offers scenery for backpackers, pedestrians, and campers. Please don’t move! The reservoir’s water quality is exclusively off-limits for snorkeling and sailing. And for a pop of sarcasm, BYO wet if you schedule to walk the trails around the man-made ponds — numerous trails require a lot of balancing, and the reservoir’s wet isn’t available for sipping on!. To get To the parking, departure at Highway 92.


Once the exclusive residence of a Gold Rush gazillionaire, the Filoli villa today start its walls and basis to guests. Legendary for the good!, the varied arboretum that extended beyond the main house and the stone cabins, Filoli makes a great end for driving eager to get out of the driver’s seat, they can get to their feet, and taste the blooms.


A small downtown that serves as A focal point for the wealthy mountain groups, Woodside has a petrol station, pizzeria, a curio shop, a fancy cafe, and a 25 speedlimit that’s strongly implemented. Exit the motorway on Highway 84/Woodside Road and continue driving toward the mountains to get around the area.

Stanford University

You can’t hear Stanford University from 280 — only seek the enormous broadcast satellite satellite stream that sat bizarrely topped the otherwise uninhabited hills. Residents call The Dish or use it as a historic and walking location. Take the motorway to Page Mill Road away from the mountains, and guide the signage to the University.

Apple Computer

Devotees for the iPhone, iPad, iPod, iPod, etc, as well as other sleek white iThings can be found in the Apple Company Store on Infinite Loop (real street name). Take the motorway at De Anza Boulevard and switch to the correct direction; the Apple Headquarters is very noticeable on the top left of the road. The Company Store isn’t a full-fledged Apple Store — neither is Genius Bar, but plenty of logo-wear that’s not accessible anywhere else.

This heavily developed (post) urban area has gas stations, stores, and makes a good location to turn around and start walking home toward the City, where you can hit the cheap shop Hotel Adagio or the elegant Hotel Palomar.

Liz Hamill Scott, Eats, Writes and Leaves

[Credit: Photo: Flickr/Airplane Journal]


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