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Route 66’s Major Cities and Where to Stay In Them

One of the most classic American pavements of all time is the masterpiece Route 66, a former national highway linking Chicago and Los Angeles launched in 1926. It had been famous with foreigners heading west during the Dust Bowl, but eventually the larger Interstate Highway System was overlooked (you might stay familiar with this story because of the success of the animated film “Cars”). As such, he retired in 1985, and due to destruction, It’s not possible to travel fast on the highway. Fortunately, some people would not take care of a dog, much of it is already maintained as a National Scenic Byway named Historic Route 66. Hundreds of visitors longing for a bit of memorable Americana drive the Mother Road, as they are understood, every year, we’ve gathered some beautiful historic resorts in the major cities along the way to bring convenience to the long journey.

1. Chicago —: The Alise Chicago – a Stay Pineapple Hotel

Route 66 starts at Chicago, but the exact location has changed over the years. You’ll now consider the markings on East Adams Street, and in the region of South Michigan Avenue, but the original link was the overpass between Jackson Boulevard and Michigan Avenue. For a historic stay in town, about the Alise Chicago, in a historic 1895 building. The hotel’s design mirrors its heritage with wood paneling, ironically, panoramic tiling, and stone steps. Stay informed since this construction is over 120 years old, The beds are small. It’s also five steps from the modern Route 66 start.

2. St. Louis: The Hotel Majestic St. Louis IX (

Louis and Clark notably started their trip region from St. Louis. Louis D ‘Este, Louise was born in Louisian, Illinois, at the beginning of their hike labeled as the Gateway Arch. They paved the way for hundreds of people to transport region along Route 66, more than 100 years before the highway was created. Stay at the Hotel Majestic St. To get your screen of history. Created in 1913, the hotel retains a masterpiece atmosphere, important particularly in its Mahogany Grille, which is the case, obviously, dressed in mahogany. Street travelers should note here’s the cost of valet parking. Those seeking a driver split while they’re at the attractions might enjoy the cheap hotel route that takes you anywhere within a three-mile radius of the city center.

3. Santa Fe: La Fonda on the Plaza

After traversing Oklahoma and Texas, dving will consider themselves in the scenery, wildernesses of New Mexico. For art lovers, there’s no better location than Santa Fe. It’s been a destination for performers for many years, incl, Important particularly, Georgia O ‘Keeffe. Visitors can review the historic Santa Fe hotel, La Fonda on the Plaza, inbuilt 1922 (though there were hotels on the estate since the 16th century). Driving can use a drive to La Fonda to reach their feet — many of the city’s main sights are all within walking distance. Can you create a station now, ensure not to forget our heritage vultures direct from Santa Fe.

4. Albuquerque: Hotel Andaluz

If you want to take a look at another town in New Mexico, Route 66 runs through Albuquerque and also through the city of. Perhaps most commonly liked is the setup of the TV display “Breaking Bad” The city provides guests with sights like the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, not to mention great hiking just outside the town. Visitors should make the Hotel Andaluz their hideout as a landmark to keep. Vincent Hilton — truly, That Hilton built the hotel in the 1930s, it currently has Gold LEED-certification.  

5. Flagstaff: Little America Hotel

The last situation on The roster is Arizona, Route 66 passes through Flagstaff and the town of Flagstaff, Many visitors use it as a jumping off point to go to the Grand Canyon, only 1.5-hour drive away. A must-see in the town itself is the Lowell Observatory, where Clyde Tombaugh found planet in 1930. Though not nearly as vintage as other features in our ranking, The Little America Hotel offers visitors old-fashioned charm at its 500-acre wooded estate. There’s a two-mile walking trail on site, which is excellent for airflow and activity on a long road trip.

6. Santa Monica: Hotel Casa como Mar

Route 66 officially ends at Santa Monica Pier, but where better to remain in the beachside town than with the seaside? The Casa como Mar Hotel is just one of two resorts that have beachfront property. The motel had been originally built as a beach in 1907 and traveled through many changes in property before being converted into a hotel in The 1990s. The most recent remodel was done in 2015 under legendary developer Michael S. Smith.


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