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Ring in the Year of the Dragon: Hotels with Amazing Chinese New Years Celebrations

Dragon Year is approaching, Chinese groups across the U. S. S. (and everybody who likes a good club) the programme of activities will take effect on January 23 as part of the New Years festival. San Francisco, New York and LA have a long list of processions, classic concerts and balloons — but it’s where you’re igniting your sandals at dinner and it counts!. Numerous of our favourite hotels have created special boxes for you to experience and participate in the Chinese New Year festival.


Boasting the largest Chinatown in the state, It’s not a question that San Francisco has the best celebrations. You might have missed the Flower Market Fair, but you can still get bookings here for the classic concert provided by the San Francisco Symphony Chinese New Year Community on February 11; took part in the 34th annual Chinese New Year Run through Chinatown on February 19th; enjoy the parade on February 11, and face to the animal on January 29 to grab a few of those jumping concerts, tips and much more specialty family fun.

Chinese New Year Package: Accommodation in a Deluxe Room, multiple bookings for bleacher seating on the parade route, postcard accommodation and valet parking for a car, for $ 385 per dinner.


There are still a few days until the legendary Lion and Dragon Parade, and you can now see the singers practicing in Chinatown for the big performance. On January 23rd A firework wedding marks the beginning of the Dragon Year, there are many events planned, including the classic Parade on January 29 and the Lunar New Year Parade in Flushing, Queens is a 10-minute train ride from Grand Central Station in Manhattan.

Chinese New Year Package: The resort provides a 15 % off vacation prices, including one-level updates, available Wi-Fi and multiple hello margaritas.


Washington D. C. C. Is the place to go if you plan a trip with the children?. To understand what the Chinese New Year is about, don’t forget the New Year’s Parade and Festival on January 29, which will function in the traditional lion ballroom and musical, plus dozens of activities for children!, from Chinese writing classes to face painting and giveaways.

Chinese New Year Package: The Cocktails for $1.95 promotion includes hospitality in a Deluxe Room and two extra margaritas of your choice per dinner. The package price is only $ 1 more than The best available price.


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