TravelPost Jet Set: KLM Loves the Courtyard by Marriott San Francisco

Post Jet Set: KLM Loves the Courtyard by Marriott San Francisco

Call it a relaxation of the current state of the tourist or a reference to the new normal: We weren’t awaiting to have airline staff inspecting into the relatively comfortable Courtyard by Marriott the above-mentioned Saturday. The corporate-friendly resort is an oasis for The fun and relaxation of The outdoors, on 2nd Street only south of Market in San Francisco, is a perfect nice to enjoy – but it’s a far cry from the version rooms we often associate with flight attendants and planes. (it was true That we had seen more parents as staff in the hotel restaurant, and now we think about it, probably a good thing.)

But neither early would we have received over our shock as we reviewed out of another Courtyard and into the not-as-luxurious-as-it-claims Parc 55 resort, also just off Market on 5th Street. Between the clothes we noticed were those of Lufthansa, British Airways, and Cathay Pacific.

Could Downtown San Francisco become the new home for globe-trotting jet decorators? Nah, we’re chalking it up to the sub- $ 200-a-night room rates during the post-Thanksgiving and pre-Christmas silence. Also cash-strapped flights could buy the price in the short term; it only takes 10 checked bags to come up with 200 grand nowadays!


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