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Party 2011 Away!: Best New Year’s Eve Party In New York, Las Vegas, Nevada, and More

It’s that time of year. You’ve always been curious how it could be that it is already December that you still haven’t arranged how and why you will purchase the last dinner of 2011. No need to worry — Oyster has compiled a list of the best service companies in our hottest cities that will help you call in 2012.


where?: BellagioWHAT: A Bruno Mars concert, wine, and many other thrills that await you at The Bank, perhaps one of Las Vegas’s best luxury nightlife. Henry, New Year’s Eve, will be raising the profile of the festive with a launch party on the 31st and a New Year’s Day meeting by Paul Oakenfold. Bookings are $175 per person.

where?: Aria Resort & Casino: The Aria doesn’t fall short in The party unit, with six parties for various spendings and features. LMFAO will be performing live at Haze, Playboy Mansion DJ Laura Cavender will spice it up at The Deuce.


where?: Viceroy Santa Monica WATERS: For a beach party, face to Viceroy Santa Monica’s attractive Cameo Bar, where famous DJs such as Garth Trinidad are, Valida and Aaron Byrd of KCRW will twist song most nights. Bookings are $175 and include a cost open bar and hors d’ oeuvres. Villas and rooms available for booking begin at $ 350.

where?: W Los Angeles Westwood: Dress to impress at the W’s Whiskey Blue bar, where you can dance the night away sip for $ 11. Bookings include a supper at 1 a. M. M, night wine bread, snowshoeing at Chill and DJ held.


where [http: //www. Smiuds. Com /vs. Fr /nyb_id “?: Empire Hotel: The Empire had some of The best offers in town for NYE: Five-hour open bar, foodies hors d ‘oeuvres from Jeffrey’s Chodorow Signature Kitchen, foodie restaurant. Provides until 1 a. M. M, wine bread at midnight, and panoramic views of New York, for all $ 95.

where “?: EventiWHAT!: For a little less ()), Bar Basque provides a five-hour open Bar for Bar patrons, midnight wine bread, a shock famed DJ, and party favors, but no meals. And if you wish to welcome the New Year, have some fun, reserve the fantastic” Countdown to Midnight “box, which includes taxi drivers on New Year ‘s, a $ 30 minibar kudos, discounted rates for signed therapies at the Spa @ Eventi!, a. Joy Bauer buffet, a” Hangover Kit “, and old check-out.


where?: FontainebleauWHAT: Comfortable and family-friendly, Fontainebleau hosts some of the best NYE groups in Miami, with entertainers, VIP rooms, villas and sky-rocketing rates. The above year, world-renowned DJ Axwell might offer a cottage, Online and club music to the hotel’s beautiful beachside powershell. Get ready to shell this out!: Tickets open at $ 350 for a three-hour open bar and a wine tasting at midnight.

where they are formerly known as?: Delano Hotel: With Jamie Foxx, Ludacris and Snoop Dogg, confetti), Song by DJ Irie, open bar the entire evening and Dom Perignon bread at midnight, Delano sets the bar for more South Beach NYE groups. It’s not cheap, though — general admission tickets are $ 500 per person. Introducing a foodies meal choice might cost you up to $ 1!, 200.


where they are?: Sax ChicagoWHAT: The attractive Crimson Lounge New Year’s Eve offer is one of The lowest prices in Chicago. A cost-free open bar including wine and Red Bull from 8p. M. 3 a. A. M, foodies hors d’ oeuvres, singers, Party favors and an unique welcome to a personal Eve of the Eve Party might cost you $ 100.

where?: Hard Rock Hotel WHAT: DJ Chris Kennedy, DJ Timbuck2, Team Bayside High and several shocked visitors might liven up the party at the Hard Rock. Tickets are $ 150 and include concerts, luxurious open bar till 2 a. M. M, snacks and champagne bread at night.


where?: W San Francisco;: The leg W is moving in The Artillery to start 2012. The best possible route. They’re preparing for a night of higher bubbles, live performances till 1pm: 30 a. M, snacks and a champagne bread. Tickets open at 95 and give access to both the Upstairs Bar Lounge and the Living Room the next day.

where?: Palace Hotel: SoMa might not be the first location that comes to mind once preparing to sleep, and this beautiful estate is best understood for its elegant music dinners than for unruly groups, but the Palace wants to kick off the year in design. Intercontinental DJs, dance classes, beer cozies, available at the coat check and 4 beds, playing different music genres, by 2 a. M. M. Visitors may stay through dinner.


where the fire is triggered by a lightning strike?: Drake Hotel WHAT: This weird estate in the Art and Design District provides a Champagne bar, foodies hors d ‘oeuvres, live music, DJ holds, A night of bread, and Roof dancers for $ 35. The NYE box (begin at $ 479) The package includes a night of hospitality for two, in-room cheer and party favors, multiple tickets to the club, a fine meal, lunchtime check-out.

where?: Gladstone Hotel: The historic Gladstone has a great offer for those who like to keep it low-key so far as The sipping goes: Pay $40 to get a boozy drink and concerts by Jokers of the Scene, The Soul Proprietor (from Bedouin Soundclash) and much more. Acceptance after 1 a. M. M. Is 20 $.


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