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Oyster Stats: Proof That New Yorkers Don’t Love The Earth Or Each Other!

In our Oyster Stats set, we communicate shocking snippets on a range of topics using information we collected from our restaurant covers and online traffic. Our aim is not to provide scientific data but to offer fascinating spatial observations about trip patterns.

The New Yorkers have a team that cares about not being the nicest people about the city. After all, in a place filled with visitors, Residents frequently appear to speak to individuals, and also a sigh in your general direction is taken into account a kind welcome. But as New Yorkers ourselves we, we wish genuine proof that all this associate is fake and unfortunately not, it’s true. In reality, our study (not unexpectedly) New Yorkers are not always significantly less pleasant and romantically inclined — especially in comparison to their laid-back counterparts, West Coast comrades in California — and also display much less love for the Earth than Californians. So here’s to the winter!, hard truth — and proof!

Finding: New Yorkers don’t like Earth

California has always been a leader in producing eco-friendly provisions and promoting green initiatives. But New York has shown more love for the Earth than we would consider. It has a surprisingly low carbon footprint, so, although New York City’s pollution levels are pretty atrocious, travelers relying on public travel save the Earth numerous heartaches. Nevertheless, New Yorkers feel a whole lot less about the Earth than Californians, according to our study. While Californians spend an average of 88 per year on their vacations. 2 seconds per tour on our eco-friendly articles — including a ranking of LEED-certified resorts and our slide to eco-friendly places in Jamaica — New Yorkers expended a simple 11 seconds to rate our Eco-Friendly Guide guides for our local guide to NYC. 46 seconds per tour. Gives grass, New York!

Findings: New Yorkers do not like each other

Well, I guess what’s important is that it’s right for this town to be recognized by this community, not less than Earth should take it personally. It seems New Yorkers don’t have the most affection for each other, and/. With sunny weather year-round, clean winds off the beach, and a total laid-back atmosphere, it’s unsurprising that Californians have more of a love for california, or are more often in the feeling for those lovin ‘, as New York citizens. While Californians spent an average of 91.11 seconds per tour on our romance-themed articles — including 11 special hotel features for couples, warm restaurant facilities, and beds with attractive baths for 2 — New Yorkers spent an average of 31.64 seconds per tour. We imagine that even if New Yorkers only got a little affection for them, they have something to eat! So check out our romance stuff!, New Yorkers — it’ll do you some great!.


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