Place ReviewOyster Interviews Delta Spirit's Matt Vasquez

Oyster Interviews Delta Spirit’s Matt Vasquez

We met the Delta Spirit guys at Austin City Limits just a few months ago who were instantly hooked on the band’s modern take on rock music the way they do the Rhythm section. Visit Now (see them in San Diego tonight), the band devotes more than enough period on the road and portion our fondness and extensive knowledge of travel. Sure we got entangled with the group’s vocalist, Matt Vasquez, with just A little Q & A to go get his take on what creates this (and pauses) a trip /. Check it out after the move!

Name: Matt Vasquez

Occupation: Musician

once I had moved on I Started moving: 6

Travel Musical: New blends of Delta Spirit

Ideal trip in three words: Nature, Secluded, Adventure

Must-do at each position you tour: Eat the local food (Check out Matt’s beer, breakfast, and Travel blog)

An unforgettable hotel: Villa Amore in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Favorite hotel: Hotel Congress in Tuscon, AZ

Ideal travel companion: My Lovely Wife

Movie that made me really want to travel: in The Wild

Every mini bar should have a mini bar: Peanut Butter & Ms

Airport meals are included: Disgusting and Unsafe

Dream hotel: Outdoor Shower

I’m not going anywhere without a passport: My Camera!

The inside of my luggage was indeed a suitcase: Have You Seen Better Days?

the above location has been included: Awesome



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