Travel TipsOyster Editors Reveal Their Favorite Hotels in the World

Oyster Editors Reveal Their Favorite Hotels in the World

Asking an enthusiastic tourist and choose their favorite restaurant is somewhat like Asking a family and choose their favorite son. All right, it might be a little trite, but let’s just say narrowing it down to it is no easy feat. Nevertheless, We at Oyster are indeed up for a challenge. Sure, after so much conversation, we’ve gathered a list of our all-time favorite features from around the world. While some (unsurprisingly) rated a location in this ranking for their poshness, facilities that are beyond the limits, the kinder amenities have created a personalized and delightful ambience. But before you dive in, poop, take a deep breath: it’s by no means a definitive list of the best facilities in the world — just the lodgings that hold a special place in our ramblings.

Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills, Tokyo

“As a former full-time hotel inspector, I’ve spent the night in literally hundreds of luxury hotels around the world, so it was hard to choose just one property as my favorite. Since you’re pressing me, I’d say that the Andaz Tokyo Toranomom Hills sticks out as my favorite hotel. It’s located on floors 47 through 51 inside a skyscraper, so the vertigo-inducing views of Tokyo are endless from the rooftop bar and rooms. And the rooms! My room had spectacular views of the Tokyo Tower, free minibar, and an onsen-style tub. Toiletry scents change with the season and anyone who has been to Japan instantly becomes obsessed with Toto toiletries. I also love the open lobby concept for free snacks and drinks, and dedicated staff that run around with iPads. I visited a few years ago, I still daydream about the high quality and seemingly endless breakfast buffet. Take me back!!” Megan Wood, Editor

Inn at the Presidio, San Francisco

“I’ve remained in such ultra-swanky sites thanks to my day job (hat-tip to Four Seasons London!). Can I be frank, my favorite restaurant was the modest, Three Pearl Inn at the Presidio. Setup solo, in San Francisco’s Golden Gate National Recreation Area, is the true mailer land. Its gorgeous Georgian Revival construction, once used as a military barracks for b. A, provides a vintage hideout. But the stuff which really makes my heart whisper — or disco seem — is the style” Bugle Boy “art directly out of the 1940s that’s used throughout the estate. Beds have crest-shaped cameras, wrought-iron room, and skin office furniture. The loyalty to The concept runs all The way to The bottom of The dryer, which are jammed in fabric turnovers listed with the terms’ HOT AIR ‘in the wall category. At food, I quaffed my coffee into the Andrews Sisters’ three-part unity, yeah, this hotel was the closest I’d ever gotten to teleportation.” Maria Teresa Hart, Senior Editor

One & Only Palmilla, Los Cabos

“It’s hard to top the One & Only brand. Their outposts in Mexico’s Los Cabos region, known as One and Only Palmilla, might just be one of the most exclusive, laid-back, and the most beautiful places I’ve ever slept. From the moment you arrive to your destination, It’s all a bit of a dream — everyone seems to know your name; people hand you drinks and sweets while whisking your belongings off to your room; The air is actually perfumed by incense and other trance-inducing scents; and the jungle-heavy cliffside setting is a stunner. The rooms — even The most basic — are palatial, and come with butlers who actually provide butler-level service (unlike some luxury hotels, where they are little more than glorified concierges or housekeeping staff). All the high-end perks!, from the bath products to the ocean views and amazing coffee, force even the most frenetic person into a relaxed state. Dining is also some of the best in the region. All in All, from the service to the undeniably romantic setting (and one of the region’s few swimmable beaches), Palmilla is at the top of my list.” Kyle Valenta, Editor

Tulemar Bungalows & Villas, Costa Rica

“This is a really tough one, but I would say one of my all-time favorite hotels is Tulemar Bungalows & Villas in Costa Rica. It’s not the nicest restaurant I’ve been to — and even the nicest restaurant I’ve been to in Costa Rica (that glory might go to the fantastic Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica at Peninsula Papagayo). But I enjoyed the personal villa with sweeping views perched into the forest mountain, where you can place lemurs and birds from your patio. The design ranges from one unit to The next, But the Premium Villas have lovely design that is the perfect blend of latest and quaint. Both of them, Tulemar has its own tiny private beach, which is unique in Manuel Antonio. Some restaurants say you can grill in if you want, but there’s still plenty of housekeeping choices, even the choice of hiring a private chef. For some who enjoy the anonymity of a cottage rental but the comfort of hotels, the property offers the best of both planets.” Kelsey Blodget, Senior Executive Editor

Pepes Hideaway, Manzanillo

“Here’s one spot that immediately comes to mind when people ask me for my favorite hotel I’ve ever stayed at: Pepe’s Hideaway in Manzanillo, Mexico. Offering just six stand-alone stores, rustic bungalows along a rocky road, beautiful coast, the vibe is intimate, peaceful, and romantic. It’s an all-inclusive property, and the Chef, Speedy, prepares amazing meals that usually involve fresh seafood. There’s even a fridge that’s stocked 24/7. Serve with frozen margaritas, beer, soda soda, and water for guests. All of the expected amenities are available, but it’s the top-notch service, friendly ambience enhanced by the owner, Pepe, who lives on site, and the feeling of seclusion that sets this boutique hotel apart. Winning up to a tray of coffee and cake on my bungalow balcony, which also have hammocks and breathtaking sunset views, will forever remain one of my most cherished memories.” — Lara Grant, Associate Editor, ed

The Hoxton, Holborn, London

“Here’s my equal love for over-the-top luxury accommodation and vintage motor-court guesthouses. But personalized and thoughtful design is important — a feature that can be applied by any hotel. I embrace The Hoxton, Holborn in London, which is cute without becoming cute, and leg but not cooler-than-thou!. The spacious area is an area location with a DJ on Saturdays, and here’s a low-key rotisserie chicken cigar concealed in the room. The visitor bed is now in a Victorian apartment, through design is contemporary and on-trend. Appealing information, down close to the charming fountain pens to bath products, and goofy people, Very, for meals using used coffee containers branded” dirty old bag!. “Plus, Here’s a brown-bag food hanging on your entrance each day, along with other entertainment handouts. A piece that’s this elegant — plus cheap and well-located — is rare, Inside this town and any other.” — Rachel Klein, Editor’s Note

Disney Boardwalk Villas, Orlando, FL

“While many of my Disney resort experiences are all from my children, I have just got back from a trip to Orlando, and I must have been reminded of how excellent the features are. I’ve stayed at lots of resort hotels over the years and can’t pick a favorite. Certain things, some of the beds might be a bit dated, and you probably won’t consider high-end end value property, however what remains out to me is just how Disney provides something for all types of visitors over a wide range of spendings, if you’re on the search for a Disney-themed set, a child-friendly gala and a much improved location, extra slight Disney keeps. Plus, a fun crate, the retreat tries tirelessly to ensure a seamless experience (e. G, linking the entire 40-mile retreat with free community travel), have incredibly helpful and helpful people, and provides plenty of events at its resorts, so that you don’t have to spend a single day at the campgrounds.

If I were to choose one estate to suggest, It would be the Disney Boardwalk Villas, that have one!, two, and three bedroom amenities to suit the whole family. Location – Epcot and Hollywood Studios (both of these are within walking distance but are also available by cruise) is a great bonus. There’s plenty of fun along the waterfront itself, From trick displays for the children to the ESPN Club and Atlantic Dance Hall for individuals. “Stefanie Waldek, Editor

Sivananda Ashram Yoga retreats

“It’s worlds away from the typical hotel experience, but Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat is hands-down my favorite place to stay. The peaceful little wellness resort is adjacent to The Atlantis mega-resort complex in The Bahamas, but is all about healthy living (complete with 5 stars: 30 a. M. Wake-up going!!), clean eating, lots and lots of yoga and meditation. And if you need a break from all of the alternative forms of wellness, he has it covered, you can always sneak away to take in the spectacle of Atlantis down the beach!” Anne Olivia Bauso, Associate Editor

1. Hotel Central Park, New York City

“Let me preface this by saying I started professing my love for three different hotels before I finally settled on 1 Hotel Central Park, which I recently visited during a staycation with my boyfriend. In the end, this luxury New York City property won me over for its eco-conscious design (and okay, a few other top-notch details, too). Reclaimed wood, green succulents, brick accents, and salvaged materials outfitting the rooms bring the outside in seamlessly. As a nature-deprived New Yorker, these earthy elements appealed to me. Here’s also an ivy-glad facade — a preview of what’s to come inside. (I later learned that there were more than 24, plant throughout the property.) Other standout highlights: the lobby features hanging plants and tree-stump tables, all rooms come with yoga mats, and some also have window nooks to take in the view. There’s also an all-day restaurant serving seasonal fare from celeb chef Jonathan Waxman. Oh, Did we mention that the hotel is within prime walking distance of Central Park — one block away, to be exact — so you can get your picnic on!. The cherry on top? The restaurant has a pet-friendly dining option, pursuing my living maxim: Love the dog.” Alisha Prakash, Editor


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