TravelOyster by the Numbers: We Did A TON in 2014!!

Oyster by the Numbers: We Did A TON in 2014!!

One of our priorities for the New Year is that we TRY not to talk. It’s not 2015 yet! So we’re going to use this cute j, coming to an end 2014 time to show off a little because he likes, so, it’s that time again, I’m going to be honest (and it’s about authenticity), we’ve done some really great things this year. From a sharp across one million photos, a wizard-friendly restaurant, from moving to almost 1, New cities, to splash in the thermal lift at a couple of features, Here’s Oyster by the Numbers for 2014.

We Take Photos This Year: 1,639,834

That’s A LOT of photos! Our awesome team of professionals are trained and experienced in Restaurant Auditing and Pictures, and we emailed them around the world to accept tons of photos of restaurant features so that when you come to a retreat you can include photos of their restaurants, there’s no thrill: What you see on Oyster is What you get.

We Visit New Cities This Year: 973

We’ve protected hundreds of locations across America and Europe this year, we traveled to 973 NEW cities and locations all over the world. So whether you want to go to Bath or the Cayman Islands, the Amalfi Coast or Cape Town, we’ve got you covered today.

Wizard-Friendly Hotels We Visit This Year!: 1

Perhaps one of the numerous hotels we visited this year receives more patience, but nothing else makes it easier than the Georgian House in London. It includes numerous Wizard Chamber beds, each adorned with Hogwarts-approved facilities and designs like the TARDIS “cauldrons” by the cottages, olivia miniatures, and “potions” in the bathroom.  

Get an inside look at the wizard-friendly lodgings>>

We Visited Cave Hotels This Year!: 20

This year we took our first trip to Cappadocia, a Turkish mountain region where most of the design is made up of old grottos. Famous for these “fairy chimneys” the area is an addresses park and both the landscapes and the hotel features here are gorgeous. We visited 20 beautiful hotels in Cappadocia, and they add to our vast collection of hole features, like The Caves in Jamaica and Bermuda’s Grotto Bay Beach Resort.

Hotels With Roof Base Flying We Visit This Year!: 1

The rooftop terrace at The Park Inn by Radisson Berlin Alexanderplatz is residence to The city’s ground-breaking action. For example, this extreme version of bungee, the hoist chute holds 37 articles off the floor before they are dragged into the water “controlled” drop to the square under. Sure, the number of times we instantaneously turned green with shivering hands and sprinting souls has been possibly all of.

We Visited Hotels This Year!: 5,563

How have we seen that kind of scary, great hotels throughout our 2014 trips? Well thought and you shall follow it as Well, since we visited A LOT of hotels. 5,563 = = = = to be perfect = = =.

Hotels We Visit With Natural Thermal Springs This Year: 4

Many Italians and Europeans flock to a small area of Saturnia for its natural thermal water quality, we had to see what all the hoopla was about. We reviewed stunning hotels in the landscapenatural thermal tubs arrive standard. (But, with relaxing waters, relaxing temps, beautiful scenery, they are nothing but.) From Agriturismo Le Cascatelle to Hotel Saturno Fonte Pura, we enjoyed our sensual baths.

TINY Hotels We Visited This Year: 15

in 2014 We dedicated some time to getting to the bottom of the whole thing “is bigger really better?” proposition. And we can say it really depends on the circumstances. But we have had some entertainment throughout our study, and this was expended attending a few of those surely itsyhotels — shops stashed in landmark duplexes or on the top floors of unpretentious facades — each with only several beds or smaller. This year We traveled to 15 of these places, but some of our favorite Bed and Breakfast in Amsterdam, Chez Michelle, and Atlantis House (not to be confused by the huge Atlantis Resort).

We Visited Botel This Year!: 2

Visiting a botel was still on our bucket list for 2014, sure we journey not each, but multiple! We made a trip to the 175-room Amstel Botel in Amsterdam, a past river vessel translated to a flying hotel. Then we made our way to Delta King. In the Sacramento River, this riverboat hotel has a giant wing, rose, Turning paddles provide excellent entrance to a variety of landmark attractions, including the Railroad Museum and the Crocker Art Museum.

Hotels INSIDE Soccer Stadiums We Visit This Year: 1

Talk about super fans!  This year, We went to the Blackpool FC Hotel and Conference Centre, a 70-room building, football-themed hotel that’s part of the Blackpool Football Club’s Bloomfield Road venue. This seems to be its main selling point obviously, Providing opinions over the ball from its gastropub, and many of the beds and venue as well.  

take a look inside the venue>>

Panoramas We Shot This Year: 7,891

We here at Oyster really want to get into every nook and cranny of any estate We tour, so you can really see what they’re for. And we think that a handful of things can still do better than taking tons of pictures And panoramas. In 2014, hundreds of thousands of panoramas have been incorporated in resorts around the world. It is certainly hard to choose just one, but we REALLY fondle this pano of Seven Mile Beach at the Caribbean Club in Grand Cayman.

Camping Hotels We Visited This Year: 27

Some hotels are also more hotels — they’re interactions. And sometimes that means they don’t have a hotel feeling. There are 27 camping hotels we visited this year, for instance. Let’s start with El Capitan Canyon, north of Santa Barbara, where many of the amenities are all in fabric huts, and visitors gather around the open fire holes every evening for dinner, but there’s still something of a treat — particularly in the property’s bath. Meantime, most of the camping hotels in Europe, including Camping Fabulous and Camping che Garda, it’s more of a budget-resort-meets-summer-camp vibe, Stunning villas, pools, and schoolyards.

Resident Hotel Pets We Met This Year: 12

We hotels where We offer our furry friends — and We hotels that have their own furry friends that much more! 2015 was a year of changes, we met a dozen cute hotel pets, from an adorable stupid dog at the Hotel che Oso to Lucky, a precious baby wildlife, the one at Banyan Tree Phuket residence. We have to give a big thank you to Charlie Chaplin at Chelsea Pines Inn, who has some great spots — and a fitting name to the game! These lovely animals are the many other hotel pets we’ve enjoyed at conferences over the years.

We Visited Prison Hotels This Year!: 1

this year – We were arrested! But since it was in an elegant Oxfordshire hotel which was a Victorian prison, we didn’t remember. Can we be honest?, It wasn’t the first time we were in the bar. We both finished some time at Boston’s Liberty Hotel, that performed as the Charles Street Jail for almost 150 years, previously mentioned.

Get a look inside the mazes>>


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