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Our Favorite Cocktails at Trump International Hotel Tower Chicago

Located on Chicago’s River North, The Rebar at Trump International Hotel and Tower offers innovative cocktails and beautiful views of The Chicago River. The menu includes intriguing rotations of such old classics along with special temporary cocktails

1. Drink: The Punch Bowl

The Punch Bowl is a blueberry flavored Bowl, Spring Champagne provided with swanky material with a dish on the floor to assist visitors squeeze around portions of fruit, peach, and strawberries. It’s a good choice, for those who love blueberries.

Drink No. 2: Cactus blossoms

it was obviously one of several nicest decorated cocktails we found in Chicago. Serve in a martini glass with a cut of fruit, It was a smooth blueberry with an unique fruit aroma.

Drink # 3: Pink Affair

Rebar summary: A stunning delicious mix of Veuve Clicquot Rose Champagne and Champagne, St. Antoine and fresh fruit. This was the nicest drink we saw during Chicago – and at $ 28 it was the most cheap of the many!. Sure enough that we had folks from other rooms suggesting what we had bought. It traveled onto their restaurant for New Years Eve that year and managed to earn a fixed location. But the smell had been removed, for me, not so amazing as the stare.

Drink #14: Fall in Manhattan

The Fall Into Manhattan was The crowd favorite even among non-whisky drunks. This beer was more difficult to look at than most of their other competitors, but pepper influenced booze produced a taste worth having.

Drink # 5: Pump Jr.

Rebar summary: The joy of fruit rum, premium gray and perfume liquor with suggest of ginger for the weather. Great question!, but worse in small doses. The drink is really milky and The ginger plays a dominant role including The fruit. It is also a very rich drink.


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