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Our 7 Favorite Hotel Beach Bars EVER!

summer is in full swing — in fact, It’s spooking us about how fast it’s going. (Insert sadface expression now.) So what smarter way to experience your spring to the utmost — and deal with the reality of the approaching drop — than to tour a happening bar on the beach? Whether you are at the beach or sunbathing in the lush Caribbean, here’s a hotel beach bar with your name on it. So stay on your toes in the desert and charge a strong price each time: These five places will have you feeling good in seconds apartment.

Beach Bar at the Gansevoort Turks and Caicos

there’s not much more beautiful than this. The beach bar at The Gansevoort is a comfy location mainly used as a meet-up for breakfast rather than a booze-fueled dinner. But of course visitors could price a maria while appreciating clean nibbles including crab pies and seared sashimi fajitas. Restaurants can snack on the balcony under parasols, or eat their food directly to the desert with seaside restaurant customer service. Clean fish, margaritas, Customer service, and outstanding opinions of crystal clear water? You don’t have to just turn your company around.

Landshark Landing Beach Bar at the Margaritaville Beach Hotel Pensacola, FL

You remember its going to be a good time when Jimmy Buffett approves. The first hotel to be established by The Margaritaville company, Margaritaville Beach Hotel provides a comfortable stay, coral atmosphere properly on a lovely reach of sunken shoreline — for which visitors should consider the Landshark Landing beach bar. This location — bred with loungers, cocktail parasols, picnic areas, a fire hole, and tents — has a laid-back atmosphere and provides plenty of draft beers. Training, among other things, Clubbers could request Landshark but the restaurant both contains Shocktop, Lone Palm Ale, and cocktails with names for License to Chill and Who’s to Blame.

Trade Winds Beach Bar at Gran Caribe Real Cancun

This sean location is just one of six bars at the all-inclusive Gran Caribe, so visitors don’t have to worry about waiting for more than a few seconds for their Champagne to arrive. Sure, the beamed exterior doesn’t provide enough protection from the heat but with a no tee, no clothes, no issue plan, Clubbers can walk directly from the bar — sip in a dipped — into the sea for an interesting soak.

Piets Pier Bar at the Hyatt Regency Aruba Resort and Casino

Talk to seaside customers: Piets Pier Bar spreads out on the beach at the Hyatt Regency in Aruba. It’s an elegant hotel, the feeling is frozen; Visitors walk flat the pier to drink margaritas, snack on light nibbles, and stream the evening over the wet. And four nights a week, the guests at the pier sing until 11pm. M.

Baja Cantina at the Cabo Villas Beach Resort and Spa

On the cheerful Medano Beach, the beachside place of Cabo Villas Beach resort seems to be handy for partygoers. The shoreline of Medano beach may be overflowing with shops and visitors, But visitors can still find a little relief (if they choose) in the beach bar and sushi joint of the hotel, Baja Cantina. Starring a tiki bar, rooms, and cabanas covered by parasols, Baja Cantina pairs well with several other bars and eateries and is located along the beach.

Beach Bar at the Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino Atlantic City

Having won several awards and was one of the most popular pumpin ‘bars in AC, the beach bar at the Trump Plaza guarantees clubbers a good period. The bar features an extensive fun plan, Plenty of DJs and dancing, and now it even provides early-morning buffet — and early-morning sip extras! You may like a Bacardi hit to help sip flat your eggs and bacon.

Beach Bar at Dreams Cancun Resort Spa All Inclusive

If you felt a little drunk from the margaritas, the pitches at the Dreams Cancun beach bar may not be your best option for a chair. But they can be a lot of fun, bring fun to the normally peaceful resort. Surrounded on three sides by wet soil, Dreams has plenty of places to chill in the heat, and the beach bar makes sure all cabanas have more to sip with endless premium brand alcohols.


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