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Our 17 Favorite Spa Resorts Around the World

Modern life means moving often and for all reasons. This year alone, you might have a good family gathering at another place, a ski trip with college friends, and a cousin’s wedding halfway across the country. Now at Oyster, we accept almost every reason to hit the road, but what truly ignites our minds is the potential of a spa retreat. There’s no trip like a spa trip, hmmph? (these are the words.) In the name of mental health, we’ve discarded 17 everything-about-it-is-appealing spa resorts around the world — bonus runners up — where it’s always about self-indulgence, Divine and Body Regeneration, and receiving that happy feeling.

1. The Caribbean: BodyHoliday in Saint Lucia

BodyHoliday is a wellbeing retreat with a comfort atmosphere and a remote location along Cariblue Beach. Available everyday in schools and events involving wellness, Paintball sport, sport, and scuba-diving neighborhood coral, the most luxurious amenities are in the huge temple-like wellness center. The hillside villa is a temple to wellness, some therapies cost extra, many are part of BodyHoliday’s all-inclusive schedule.

Runner-up: Don’t forget The typical summer party atmosphere at The SPA Retreat Boutique Hotel. Visitors arrive at this elegant hotel to eliminate gatherings, enjoy amazing sunshine, feed farm-to-table meals, and hang out in the exterior spa with views of the Caribbean.

2. Country: Zoetry Paraiso La Grande Bonita in Riviera Maya

This splendid boutique retreat on the ocean is the residence of the first Thalasso Center – a tranquil oasis of relaxation, recreation and luxury accommodations (saltwater treatment) in North America, with a salt bath and events resembling wellness and ancient wellbeing therapies, such as the classic Temazcal steam bath. (Less exciting options might stick to the massages and massages.)

Runner-up!: Grand Velas Riviera Maya in Playa como Carmen may be a huge mega-resort, but its swoon-inducing, 89, A 7,000-square-foot spa and wellness center holds 40 care beds — all in sunlight — as a relaxing location, and huge baths cycle. The offer is amazing as are The amenities, with a committed spa, hello cocktails, and coffee aftercare if desired.

3. The American South: Lake Austin Spa Resort in Texas

Set in 19 acres of lakeside estate, this world-class spa is dedicated to sleep, restoration, and healthy weight loss. Oregano from the property’s natural greenery are used in many of the spa treatments at LakeHouse Spa the Spa, Lake Austin Spa Resort’s highly regarded Spa with Zen-like interior care beds, exterior cabanas, baths, bathhouses, and a personal type. The resort’s three bedrooms experience an elegant stay, with sunbeds and beachside cabanas where visitors can sit between the palms and ocean, or just enjoy the Texas heat.

Runner-up: About half an hour from Austin, Travaasa Austin is an elegant spa resort in the wooded mountains of the Balcones Canyonlands National Wildlife Refuge. The wealth of events in Travaasa include riding, walking, skies], kitchen, Wellness, Pilates and A. T.

4. The American Southwest: Ten Thousand Waves in New Mexico

Nature is often handy at Ten Thousand Waves, a japanese onsen spa with interior/exterior splashing baths spa outside Santa Fe. But this isn’t your classic, simple and gloomy spa restaurant — it’s extra fun. Kids are hello and animals are indeed able in such bedrooms. The estate provides a day spa and a location spa, site lined with splashing baths (both personal and communal accessible) ice dives. Attire is available in the baths, no one ever receives an unbelievable appearance for wearing swimsuits, and robes are offered. Expert counselors are all on the lookout for many types of rubs and covers.

Runners-up -: For a highly engaging retreat focusing on wellbeing, diet, and exercise, Miraval Resort and Canyon Ranch near Tucson’s Santa Catalina Mountains. Both features include location, health spa facilities and all-inclusive attractions designed to jumpstart a healthy lifestyle.

5. The American West: Chipeta Solar Springs Resort Spa in Colorado

Surrounded by the fantastic San Juan Mountains of Colorado, The elegant Chipeta Solar Springs Resort Spa is great for a relaxing retreat in the forest. All visitors have free access to the salt pools and hot springs of Chipeta (Excellent for bathing on cold days), as well as yoga classes, steam room, cedar plank drying bathroom.  

Runners-up: A three-hour drive north of Chipeta is Glenwood Hot Springs Lodge, a masterpiece restaurant connected to the old relaxing hot springs of the area. And somewhere on the southwest side of Utah is Red Mountain Resort, An outdoor adventure and wellbeing hideaway surrounded by stunning red stone canyons.

6. Napa Valley: Indian Springs Resort and Spa in California

at the northern end of the Napa Valley, the resort offers a comfortable 16 acres of lush avocado and coconut trees, flowers, and flower trees, and baths, ponds, and thermal plumes. The spa offers a variety of therapeutic treatments, incl. Saunas with volcanic ash and mineral water, massages in their personal cabins along a wooded promenade. There’s a covered exterior balcony with a protected club and fireplace and multiple bathrooms on-site: the main bath is a beautiful geology bath of Olympic size (one of the biggest in California) utilizing immensely calcified wet from the location possess plumes.  

Runners-up: Nearby Calistoga Spa Hot Springs and Roman Spa Hot Springs Resort both feature exterior geology flower baths and filled spas.

7. Fresh England: The Spa at Norwich Inn Connecticut

Norwich Inn Spa is a landmark Spa hideaway on 42 acres of landscaped grounds, Ponds, and indicate a bath (there’s even a bee with hives). The main attraction of The property is its large spa, with 37 x bed, steam room, bathroom, jacuzzi, and barbershop. Numerous events from the spa’s wellbeing and fitness programs (like Pilates, wellness, and card payment observations) charged a fee, day walks and guided meditation are available.  

Runner-up: Operating when 1865, Mountain View Grand Resort and Spa is a landmark retreat with a Resort and Spa with Mountain views, as well as baths, a ghgs, a cow farm, special events like knife chucking and hiking.

8. Europe: Silica Hotel

The Motel for The popular Blue Lagoon, The above upmarket geological recovery site (built on an old lava field) is accompanied by a stunning scenery rich in geological minerals. The peaceful hotel has its own private lagoon, Visitors won’t have to fight tooth and nail with Blue Lagoon visitors for leniency. (Limited access to the entire lagoon is included in the price.)  

Runner-up: We’re very obsessed with the geothermal-powered ION Luxury Adventure Hotel — mainly for its stylish spa with a lava-rock bathroom and beautiful hot tub bath that’s supplied by local hot water.

9. The U. K.: Gainsborough in Bath, England

A major attraction to this landmark hotel and to Bath itself is the old water, that visitors could enter through a colonnades hallway at the entrance to the hotel’s spa. The spa has also offered multiple side thermal baths, plus two bathhouses, steam room, cold hotel!, and Lounge. Memo and its visitors only have free access to the spa during limited morning and evening hours, the sun entrance comes with an additional fee, purchase of a pedicure, or the booking of upper-level rooms.

Runner-up: “Sublime” and “heaven” Two ways our journalist explained the luxurious spa at Royal Crescent Hotel, The building was renovated in 2017. Built into different transport apartments, The spa has stone floors and a top-of-the-range arched roof.  

10. Bali Islands: Fontsanta Hotel in Mallorca

Located in the landscape surrounded by nature, maintains a peaceful life, This landmark and adult-only spa has been built around recovering thermal lifts which were in use from the Roman Empire. The spa offers skin covers, Massages, and a variety of treatments that include antenatal therapies, along with period in the saunas. The hotel offers unique three- and seven-day packages committed to rest, detoxification, Wellness, wellness, also gourmet food and Champagne.

11. Put it in place in order: Lefay Resort And Spa on Lake Garda

Magical views of Lake Garda await each move at Comfort Mountain Hotel, including its Mediterranean-themed spa, where loungers are arranged to take in the beautiful scenery. Includes a bathroom, a Turkish bath, a system of therapeutic beds designed to simulate the sensation of grottos. Here are now three salt baths on the estate, including an exterior infinity pool and an outdoor swimming pool with a ceiling.  

Runner-up: A 45-minute drive north along the shoreline of Lake Garda might offer you Astoria Park Hotel SPA Resort, an upmarket spa hotel on nice basis with gorgeous hills lurking in the location.

12. The Alps: Alpenresort Belvedere Wellness & Beauty in Molveno

Nestled in northern Italy’s Dolomites mountainous region, Alpenresort Belvedere Wellness & Beauty is a vintage resort overlooking gorgeous Lake Molveno (one of the largest ponds in Trentino excellent for snorkeling, boating, kayaking, watersport, and boating). The spa experience and health club features a Turkish bath and a fitness center, bathroom, splashing baths, and a range of interventions including rubs, massages, and skin care.

Runner-up: A short distance north from the Alpenresort rests Alp Wellness Sport Hotel Panorama, someone else upmarket mountain with a spa that makes for a surely soothing location after a day on the hills. The European-style Spa at Alp Wellness features indoor pools with mountain views, the beautiful Turkish bath, bathroom, and care beds.

13. European Republic: Alchymist Grand Hotel & Spa in Prague

The Alchymist Grand Hotel Spa is located in a 16th-century Baroque cottage in Prague’s Mala Strana fortnightly landscape. Includes various now — often not the example in Old World Prague — and include a full-service spa in an underground cave with a bathroom, steam room, and plummet lagoon with submerged planes. The spa restaurant focuses on Balinese-style therapies, each host has a right to relaxation, face to face -, manicure, or shower.  

Runner-up: Though it launched in 2013, Retro Riverside Luxury Wellness Resort provides a masterpiece Bohemian turn-of-the-century spa trip enjoy your own onsite massage & spa treatments. The hotel has a quiet beachfront setting in Karlovy Vary, a landmark spa town, and an upmarket neighborhood, iridescent-tile-covered spa with lots of bathhouses (ayurvedic baths, Roman-style laconium, ir), pr ception, a tub, and a wood-heated exterior soaking tub.

14. Greek Mainland –: Pomegranate Wellness Spa Hotel in Kassandra

on the sides of the Macedonian mainland, the elegant Pomegranate Wellness Spa Hotel is really a Wellness location!. Comprising nearly 20,000 square feet, The raved-about Afrodita Roa Spa of the stylish hotel has an interior saltwater lagoon, restaurant, Seasoning bath, Kneipp treatment, bathhouses, and a sauna/rain. Here are a ton of fitness activities, from wellness in the arboretum to sports and beach volleyball. All in one and All, the spa is beautiful, amazing, and maybe a little cheap, But some of the visitors say it’s the best they’ve ever been to.

15. South Aegean: Petasos Beach Hotel & Spa

Like important luxury attractions on the Greek peninsula of Mykonos, Petasos Beach Hotel & Spa has been built in the traditional Cycladic style with cube-shaped houses, painted walls and screens, and sanitised buildings. Exit 2 seaside areas (Petasos is on a personal shoreline), The simple hotel has a 5 star rating, A 2000-square-foot spa with indoor pools, a steam room, bathroom, Classical hydrotherapy treatments, and room for wellness.  

Runners-up!: Built on the southern tip of Rhodes peninsula, Atrium Prestige Thalasso Spa Resort looks like a fog against the uninhabited surrounding landscape. The luxury hotel has beachfront and spa facilities, including a salt lagoon with relaxing jets, a restaurant, and a beauty salon. Spa at Myconian Ambassador Hotel & Thalasso Spa Center (in Mykonos, resembling Petasos) provides unlimited everyday hydrotherapy therapies.

16. Singapore: Banjaran hot springs Retreat Outside of Ipoh

the tropical forest landscape of banjaran is lined with baths, Ponds, fall of the road, river, and, obviously, eponymous hot mineral lifts. In addition to such natural hot baths, The elegant eco-chic retreat’s other wellness aspects include a thermal water pond and, ice bath, relaxation hole, glass room for electricity renovation and Reiki practice, and tuna lagoon for arm and foot removal, free, unlimited everyday yoga classes. The beautiful outdoor pool, The mattress is built over a hot spring and uses geothermal energy to heat the stove, The setting is set against a beautiful landscape of green hills and cliffs covered in vegetation.  

Runner-up: A 12th-century French fort may seem like A strange reference for A Malaysian health resort in the Cerrado, but this is The idea at Chateau Spa Organic Wellness Resort. The medieval-European-themed hotel’s spa features a seasoning treatment, water and bathroom portions, a dirty room, and a lagoon bath.

17. Thailand: Dhara Dhevi in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai’s top luxury estate, Dhara Dhevi’s aspects are comparatively stunning. Its crown jewel, tho, The jaw-dropping Dheva Spa is one of several top Spa facilities in Thailand. Dheva is a Burmese monastery that occupies more than 33 acres, 000 square feet. 25 comfortable beds in warmed stone clean rooms (like in a Turkish restaurant) and rain water; Some may have vechy rain. Sig therapy involves northwest Thai Lanna relaxation and hot oil Indian Ayurvedic procedures the.

Runner-up: Panviman Chiang Mai Spa Resort, about an hour north of Chiang Mai, provides first-class relaxation. It has an award-winning spa, surrounded by ponds and greenery (the spa concept “treatments in the treetops”), and a two-tiered lagoon, yoga studio, and a relaxation hole.


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