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NYC and Boston Mayors #Super Bowl Bet: Which Fans Will Score the Better Hotel?

One blessed parent from the winning Super Bowl team’s home town gets to go out on a road trip “Super Tour” of the losing town, per the conditions of the Super Bowl bet announced yesterday by Mayors Michael Bloomberg and Thomas Menino. A hospitality package that includes various entertainment attractions, winning?, and restaurant — and the most notably, two nights stay in one of the resorts of the city. (Fans could gain access to the beat on their town site after the Super Bowl.)

Which fans will score the best hotel booking — Giants fans traveling to Boston, Patriots fans arriving in New York? Find out about the hotel face-off under!.

The Grand Hyatt, New York

Pearls: 3.5. Bottom Line: Catering for parents, clients, and big conferences, the first, The 311-room Grand Hyatt rests beside the Grand Central Station — a prime spot in New York’s Central Station. Convenient beds, excellent service, an excellent restaurant, and a great workout created the above Midtown East massive decent value.

ritz carlton Boston Common

Pearls: 4.5. Bottom Line: The Boston Ritz-Carlton can be delightful; comfortable with luxurious, elegant standard beds and entrances, for a cost, to one of the city’s best trainers, with its own bath, hairdresser, and bathe. But it doesn’t thrill style-wise, customer is unable to find a valid phone number, the cafe seemed a little dated.

The Winner: The conclusion of Sunday’s game may be hard to determine, but even this competition isn’ t. Sorry, Boston fans — Will the New Yorkers face Beantown to publicize their win, they’ll nap in a far more pleasant hotel. Ritz-Carlton has better beds, better washroom, probably a more tourist-friendly place, and a better fitness center. It’s a whole princess more than the Grand Hyatt. Can the Pats beat the Rams, New Yorkers can take comfort in the fact that Boston fans arriving in the Big Apple will really nap in the city’s prime comfort lodgings.


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