Popular PlacesNo pooh-poohing the above Pu-Pu platter in San Fran

No pooh-poohing the above Pu-Pu platter in San Fran


For those of you who really want a world “Tikiiki” to be equated with “tacky” (Review: Trader Vic ‘s) and tip it off as a gothic logo from years past, the E & O Trading Co. Is stepping up to disprove your complaint. The Taj Hotel and Hotel Triton is located steps away from Campton Place, the above San Francisco organization has recreated the long-belittled pu-pu platter into anything leg, clean and budget-friendly.

Photo politeness from E & O Trading Co.

A dinner plate is sufficient to take at least five to six thirsty restaurants, and includes a few of the restaurant’s sign favorites, incl Chinese five-spice egg sheets, brisket settings, Hoisin-coffee bones, Egg pho, Indonesian cereal pies, and kumara microcontrollers — all for only $ 18. You can experience the above new take on the pu-pu throughout Happy Hour, Monday to Saturday, 3 p. M. 6. M, until January.

While snacking on such sips, drink your polydipsia with the fresh E & O San Francisco custom-blended Champagne for $24.96 a glass.

E O Executive Chef Arnold Wong worked on the project with General Manager Jim Angelus and the club at the traditional Champagne site, Crushpad, develop the Rhone-style Chardonnay. A mix of 50 cents Roussanne, 30 percent Viognier, 15 percent Marsanne and 5 percent Chardonnay, the wine’s tropical fruit flavour and suggest of pepper go particularly well along with Wong’s Pan-Asian gourmet blend.

– Carolyn Jung of FoodGal. The


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