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No Need to Rush: Six Hotels Where You Can Stay for a Month Or Longer!

Sometimes a hotel just feels like home. And this is the concept behind our favorite long-term stay hotels; these features actually encourage visitors to hit up for weeks at a time. You have what seems like a never-ending work trip and just want to take a break from the standard, there’s plenty of other hotels that cater towards those on the search for more than a vacation (or week, or two-weeks) retreat. These are some of our six options for extended stay hotels. Stay advised Only — the feel of home may make it hard to leave once they’re gone.

AKA Times Square, NYC

AKA Times Square has 106 apartment-style units in three sizes. Important are productions or one bed, but there are 20 two-bedroom units available for parents and larger communities. Because the historic building had shorter doors, most of the beds lack good natural light, particularly the unit fronts the back (back from 44th Street). The positive side is that such units will be more simple. In side terms, the bright beds face the front, but the softest ones. The mouth. The back. Important washroom has a walk-in rain and rain showers, one hallway in the building has a bath/bathroom cocktails. These units can be recommended earlier. At the entrance, extended-stay visitors will consider Bulgari bath towels — however these may not be resupplied until after another weekend, as well as the two Voss bottled waters that are in the restaurant. Visitors can pay for extra cleanup.

Vdara Hotel & Spa, Las Vegas

Vdara is among three stylish hotels in the City Center, an $ 11 billion massive evolution of a few buildings from The Strip. It’s modern, the hotel is beautiful and the beds are amazing (they’re most rooms), a place bar, and a good bath. But the quiet atmosphere isn’t for everyone, those who love Vegas activities must stay elsewhere. For stays longer than 30 days, review the rental options.

Surrey, NYC

Starting at a luxurious 330 square foot, the beds are larger than at both the Carlyle and Waldorf Astoria, and have incredibly convenient tradition Dux by Duxiana bed covered with Sferra bedsheets. The infrequent strange design choice (a cheap-looking bookcase and bedding monogrammed with cheesy romantic quotations, for instance), nevertheless, accept the beds down a notch from those at the make-no-mistakes Carlyle. Nonetheless, with mahogany overstuffed workstation with engraved arrogance tubs, Bulova ringing, and a beautiful tabletop library (like those on the styles of Lanvin and the pictures of Vanity Fair), the beds are even more classy than those at the Waldorf or New York Palace.  

Hyatt House Dallas

Hyatt House Dallas has been planned for those on extended stays, and features large beds, amenities and seated places. There’s nothing particularly elegant about the hotel (the hotel design is drab, and appears just like what one could consider in a hostel — especially when you consider the plaid linens), it has an above-average garden bath location, the handouts are endless: buffet and adolescent adults, Wi-Fi, a cocktail party, and sometimes even available grocery amenities. Situated in stylish Uptown, the neighborhood is somewhat removed from the main action. Company visitors can enjoy the 24-hour entrance to the fitness center, business district, and a convenience store.

The Pierre Taj Hotel, NYC

A beautiful one, landmark hotel across the street from Central Park, The Pierre provides a taste of grand old New York to those who are leaving for a while in any of these 189 tiny but freshly renovated visitor beds. The large staff was indeed white-glove proper, but the customer is really not without the occasional problem — and the hotel possesses the on-site facilities of many of its by-the-park comfort rivals, like the Plaza and the Four Seasons.

Rosewood Sandhill, Silicon Valley

Elegant and contemporary Rosewood Sand Hill sheets out red carpet for those seeking a few weeks. The 121 beds are bright and airy, complete with HD TVs with surround sound, luxury rain (the rainfall shower eyes have great stress), and huge, beautiful decks and terraces with views of the naturally beautiful scenery. Great restaurant in Madera, a comfortable bath, a beautiful greenery!, and a family-friendly outdoor pool round out the fun. Is one of several top luxury features of Silicon Valley, demonstrates why the Rosewood brand’s prestige seems to be well-deserved.


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